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Modular Cabinetry Articles

Read our All About Norya Modular Cabinetry Articles for tips and tricks, latest news, guides, updates, solid wood modular cabinetry, custom furniture, how tos, styling advice, interior design, home & room layouts, wood care & more by Norya Modular Cabinetry at Picket&Rail.


The addition of modular cabinets and storage systems allows for great flexibility. Most Singapore homes where space is constantly a constraint, a bit of creativity and selecting the right furniture are key in ensuring our homes look spacious. 

A comfortable and personalised study desk is the key to success, besides hard work and dedication. Your built environment affects your mental strength, motivation and focus heavily, hence why you feel sleepy when you see a bed or get into your relaxation mode when sitting on the living room couch. Your home office and study desk is where 100% of the productivity happens. It’s high time you pay attention to all the little details in your built environment to work for you instead of against you. Solid wood modular furniture by Norya is the best range suited for all home offices and studies!

Wondering how to divide an open plan house or compact space without cutting off light? Solid wood modular partition cabinets by Norya can draw boundaries beautifully with premium European wood! Partition cabinets make for great living room dividers as they use available space to practical ends. They’re ideal for open plan houses and compact spaces where dedicated areas would be nice to have but storage is an important consideration. It also allows light to pass through without compromising on privacy or cosiness.
The modern consumer demands far too much from their furniture. From flexibility in choice, aesthetic and functionality to budgeting, the list of demands is formidable. The good news is that Norya modular furniture is here to meet and exceed all the set expectations. 
No living room is complete without a TV entertainment feature wall. We live so many of our days in front of the screen with family and friends, so this high traffic area needs to look clean, organized and perfect. The arrangement of a TV feature wall depends on your lifestyle. The basics to have are a row of wall-mounted hanging cabinets with bottom cabinets for sufficient display and storage, with the TV wedged in between. However, there’s quite a lot of unused empty space that can help you expand your storage capacity and keep the mess at bay, especially when you have children. Here’s how you can achieve the look with our premium modular cabinetry from Norya®.