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The Best Modular TV Cabinetry in Singapore

No living room is complete without aTV entertainment feature wall. We live so many of our days in front of the screen with family and friends, so this high traffic area needs to look clean, organized and perfect. Here’s how you can achieve the look with our premium modular cabinetry fromNorya®

The arrangement of a TV feature wall depends on your lifestyle. The basics to have are a row of wall-mounted hanging cabinets with bottom cabinets for sufficient display and storage, with the TV wedged in between. However, there’s quite a lot of unused empty space that can help you expand your storage capacity and keep the mess at bay, especially when you have children.

Child-friendly hardware is extremely crucial for families. The great thing about Norya® TV cabinets is the soft-close function by Hettich® Germany and Titus® UK hardwares for no sudden loud bangs. Fitted on true American Walnut, European Dark Oak or German Light Oak wood, the cabinets are fully finished on all sides for a luxurious and premium presentation. 

Whenever you’re down for an upgrade, Norya® will move with you. Our modular cabinetry can scale with the size of your TV, readjusted and catered specifically to the new measurements. This flexibility is not present in standardized box furniture, where you’d have to buy a totally new set to match the new technology. 

For an all year-round handsome looking TV feature wall, go with Norya®! Visit the Norya® Flagship Store at 25 Tagore today.