#1 RC7066F Electric Reclining & Lifting Geriatric Sofa by Picket & Rail - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors #1 RC7066F Electric Reclining & Lifting Geriatric Sofa by Picket & Rail - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

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#1 RC7066F Electric Reclining & Lifting Geriatric Fabric Sofa

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Experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience with our RC7066F Electric Reclining & Lifting Geriatric Sofa. Specially designed for the elderly and pregnant women, this sofa effortlessly reclines and lifts for easy movement. Visit 35 Senang Crescent today to test and select your choice of fabric.

Product Specifications:

  • 1-Seater Dimensions (cm): W90 x D97 x H98

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Recline: Our Geriatric Recliner Lift Chair offers seniors and pregnant women a seamless transition to a comfortable reclined position. The smooth reclining mechanism ensures gentle movement, providing a relaxing space to unwind and alleviate stress on joints.

  2. Lift Assist Technology: Experience unparalleled convenience with the lift feature designed to gracefully raise the chair to an upright position. This essential functionality not only supports seniors with limited mobility but also proves beneficial for expectant mothers, aiding them in standing up with ease.

  3. User-Friendly Remote Control: Navigate the chair's functions effortlessly with the user-friendly remote control. Adjust the recline angle and activate the lift feature with a simple touch, accommodating the comfort needs of both seniors and pregnant women.

  4. Plush Comfort: Crafted with plush and supportive padding, the Geriatric Recliner Lift Chair ensures a luxuriously comfortable seating experience. The soft upholstery provides a cozy haven, offering the perfect blend of support and relaxation for seniors and expectant mothers alike.

  5. Sturdy and Stylish Design: Built with durability in mind, this chair features a robust frame and high-quality materials that withstand the test of time. The stylish design complements any home décor, making it a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to living spaces.


  1. Enhanced Mobility: The lift function empowers seniors to regain independence, while for pregnant women, it offers vital support during the later stages of pregnancy when standing up becomes more challenging.

  2. Optimized Circulation: The reclining feature allows users to find a comfortable position that promotes better blood circulation, reducing stiffness and discomfort associated with prolonged sitting – a welcome relief for both seniors and expectant mothers.

  3. Tailored Comfort: With customizable recline angles and the ability to lift, this chair caters to individual preferences, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable seating experience for seniors, pregnant women, and their unique comfort needs.

  4. Reduced Strain: The ergonomic design provides optimal lumbar support, effectively reducing strain on the back and joints – a crucial benefit for both seniors and pregnant women experiencing added pressure on their lower back during pregnancy.

  5. Versatile Use: Whether you're a senior seeking ultimate comfort or an expectant mother in need of support, our Geriatric Recliner Lift Chair is versatile, providing a cozy and functional space for relaxation and well-deserved rest.

Invest in the comfort and well-being of your loved ones with our Geriatric Recliner Lift Chair – the perfect companion for seniors and expectant mothers, where innovation meets compassion for a more fulfilling and comfortable lifestyle.

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