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SL Studio - James Montgomery Flagg I Want You For U.S. Army (PT984-6)

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This is an iconic poster of Uncle Sam, the personification of the US Federal Government. This depiction by James Montgomery Flagg actually dates back to World War 1, and solidified the modern image of Uncle Sam for decades to come with over 4,000,000 copies printed and distributed in just two years between 1917 and 1918.

With America's Uncle almost popping out of the frame as he signals his intense desire for the viewer to sign up and fight, it's no wonder why.

Product Specifications

Type | Framed Art
Medium | Prints ; Lithograph
Style | Expressionistic, Impressionistic
Subject | Posters ; Character
Creation | 2013
Author | Studio
Size | W88.2cm x H111cm ; W34.7inches x H43.7inches