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Baby Cot Convertible Companion Cabinet - BC4

One the most important things to do when you are about to have a baby is to plan your home layout. There will be a shortage of storage space very quickly. Baby stuff will invade your home faster than you can imagine. Our baby cot convertible companion cabinet is a possible solution.

Sharing The Bedroom With Baby

With breastfeeding recommended for new-borns by practically every hospital and doctor, sharing the master bedroom with baby is almost unavoidable. Having baby in close proximity is a good thing. New-borns wake up every two to three hours to feed. Having baby close is convenient and less stressful for both mother and baby. A baby cot cabinet stocked with changing and cleaning items within easy reach can be a great help.

There may also be other reasons too. Such as grandparents staying together to help out uses up a room. If baby is not your first, another room maybe occupied by the elder sibling. Space runs out very quickly. Master bedrooms in Singapore tend to be rather tight in space and storage. Fitting in a baby cot can be a challenge. Fitting in a changing sideboard / or baby cot cabinet is even a greater challenge.

Clutter is the easily the number one reason for accidents in the home. So getting organised is serious business.

Keeping Baby Clean Is Not Easy

Changing baby's nappies and clothes are never easy. It involves a lot of logistics. You need easy access to the following

  • Diapers
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue
  • Cotton Balls
  • Earbuds
  • New Clothes
  • Water spray
  • Creams
  • Towels
  • Mobiles & Teethers
  • Pacifiers
  • And a million other items.

This is where our Baby Sleep Companion Cabinet that fits any baby cot comes into play. It makes everything you need is within easy reach.

Baby Cot Convertible Companion Cabinet
Our Baby Cot Cabinet Features

The following features and services are provided by our convertible baby sleep companion cabinet.

  • Can be totally customized
  • Inexpensive. Prices range from $799 onwards
  • Depth can be customized. Standard depth is 30cm.
  • Comes in various sizes to fit different sized cots.
  • Height can be from 1.6 to 2.4m
  • Width can be customised to fit 1.2 to 1.4m cots
  • Option for overhead undershelf LED lights. Can change or attend to baby without switching on the room lights.
  • Option for fitting a double powerpoint, enabling the connection of appliances such as baby monitoring cameras, humidifiers, and soothing light and sound devices to the shelf.
  • Scratch, Moisture and Heat resistant panels. Super safe for baby.
  • Special pre-tensioned non bending shelves. No danger of shelves collapsing on baby.
  • Comes in 40 different colors and textures.
  • It can convert into a study table, bookshelf, and headboard, extending its lifespan and reducing landfills.
  • Free assembly and delivery
  • Secured to the wall with metal angle for total safety. No danger of toppling over.
  • Cutout at the bottom to cater for skirtings.
  • 10 Year structural warranty
  • Designed by Qualified Structural Engineer
  • Certified to be formaldehyde free. Baby can grow up healthy.
  • Cabinet will secured to the wall with a metal angle
  • Free delivery and assembly

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Why Can't I Get Any Local Carpenter to Do Something Similar?

Local carpenters do not use formaldehyde free panels. They use highly toxic uncertified plywood and glued on high pressure laminates. Such laminates peel and chip and are a danger to young children especially for those who are teething.

Local carpenters cannot make non-bending load bearing shelves. Only a special multi-million dollar machine can produce these. These are very high tech components.

Engineered Wood - Baby Cot Convertible Companion Cabinet

The edging used for our panels are laser attached. The panel edgings last for twenty years and use formaldehyde-free glue. The laser machine used to make them costs millions of dollars and operated by higly qualified technicians.

Our product comes fully constructed. No sawing or glueing at your home. It will be much more expensive for local carpenter to construct the same product. Furthermore our product is certified by structural engineers.

Formaldehyde Free - Baby Cot Convertible Companion Cabinet

What Happens When Baby Grows Up?

The Baby Sleep Companion Cabinet can be converted to a study desk or book shelf. once baby outgrows its cot. This makes our cabinet useable from birth to adulthood.

Picket&Rail Baby Cot Convertible Companion Cabinet

The BC4 being converted to a stylish study desk.

Baby Cot Convertible Companion Cabinet

The BC4 being converted to a storage shelf.

Baby Cot Companion Cabinet with Queen Bed

Possible Master Bedroom Combination

Fits 95% of all 3 room, 4 room, 5 room HDB and condominium master bedrooms. Picture shows a queen bed with dimensions of 1.9m depth, 1.5m wide and 0.4m height. Fits Singapore standard queen mattresses. Tatami storage queen bed prices range from $1599/- onwards. Visit our 35 Senang Crescent showroom and let our consultants help us with the details or  WhatsApp us.

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