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Beds & Mattresses Articles

Read our beds & mattresses blog for tips and tricks, latest news, updates, guides, recent announcements, expert analysis, promotions & more. Topics cover bedroom furniture, sex, sleep, sleep trends and everything within the bedroom.


Choosing the right type of storage bed can significantly impact the functionality and safety of your bedroom. While single compartment hydraulic storage beds have been popular for their sleek design and large storage space, multi-compartment storage beds are quickly becoming the preferred choice for many. Here are ten reasons why a multi-compartment storage bed is a superior option.
City living often means making the most out of limited living spaces. Customized multi-compartment storage beds have emerged as a popular solution, blending aesthetics with functionality to enhance small apartments. Here are ten reasons why these beds are ideal for city dwellers.
In the quest for maximizing bedroom storage without sacrificing style, the potential of headboards with integrated storage is often overlooked. Offering innovative solutions for space-saving and organization, these headboards transform the way we think about bedroom design. Let's explore the unique benefits of beds with headboards that not only serve as a statement piece but also as a practical storage solution.
The concept of a multi-compartment storage bed is already a game-changer in maximizing bedroom space efficiently. Extending this innovative idea to include footboard storage further enhances its utility and aesthetic appeal. Here are ten compelling reasons why adding a footboard storage to your multi-compartment storage bed is a smart and stylish choice.
For frequent travellers, finding the right balance between comfort, storage and functionality in their living spaces is crucial. A multi-compartment tatami style storage bed offers an innovative solution, combining convenience with storage efficiency. This article explores ten compelling reasons why such a bed is an excellent choice for those who are always on the move.
In the quest for the perfect space-saving bedroom solution, the debate between storage beds with drawers and hydraulic single compartment beds is a hot topic. Storage beds with drawers offer a range of advantages that cater to convenience, durability, and organization. Here are ten reasons why they stand out as the superior choice.
In the modern age, where space is at a premium and life's stresses are ever-present, the design of our living spaces has a profound impact on our mental well-being. A multi-compartment storage bed represents more than just a piece of furniture; it's a tool for enhancing mental clarity and tranquillity by reducing clutter. Let's explore how these innovative beds can transform both your bedroom and your mind.
While standard bedframes serve their basic function, custom multi-compartment storage beds elevate the concept of bedroom furniture to a new level. These beds are not only functional but also cater to specific storage needs, aesthetic preferences, and health considerations. Here are ten compelling reasons why choosing a custom multi-compartment storage bed is a superior option.
When it comes to choosing the right bed size, Singaporean homeowners often find themselves contemplating between various options. One increasingly popular choice is the super single size bed.
Hydraulic storage beds have become increasingly popular in households with limited living space, offering convenient storage solutions.