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Winner Two Times In A Row - Furniture Leadership Award 2021/2022

The winners of this year's International Furniture Leadership Awards 2021/2022 have been announced, with Picket&Railclaiming the Outstanding Company Award & Brand Excellence Award.

We are the sole company to have qualified for both categories out of the 14 corporate awardees from Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America.

Picket&Rail is proud to be recipients of the world's most prestigious international furniture award program. We extend our thanks to the organizer, Furniture&Furnishing Export International for bringing together a distinguished panel of judges. Panel of judges including industry authorities, management strategists, and renowned academics from all over the globe.

The award criteria requires excellence in several key areas:

  1. leadership and management strategies,
  2. marketing and branding,
  3. human capital and development,
  4. business and operational process
  5. financial performance
  6. wealth management

Our Company will continuously strive to provide the best furniture for every room in every home, expand the business to new heights and look into the future of the furniture industry.