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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Double Decker Bunk Bed Singapore - Custom/ Loft / Triple / Kids / Storage


10 Reasons Why Picket&Rail Bunk Beds Stand Out

Picket&Rail bunk beds have carved out a reputation for their unparalleled quality and design ingenuity. Offering a blend of functionality, durability, and safety, these beds are a top choice for anyone looking to invest in long-lasting bedroom furniture. Here are ten compelling reasons why Picket&Rail bunk beds are considered the best in the market.

#1. Convertibility for Versatile Use

Picket&Rail bunk beds are designed with convertibility in mind, allowing them to adapt to your changing needs. Whether it's transitioning from a bunk bed to separate twin beds or modifying the layout to accommodate guests, these beds offer unparalleled flexibility.

#2. Crafted from 100% Solid Wood

Constructed entirely from 100% solid wood, Picket&Rail bunk beds boast superior durability and strength. This choice of material not only ensures longevity but also adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any bedroom décor.

#3. Platform Base for Enhanced Mattress Support

Featuring a platform base, these bunk beds provide optimal support for mattresses, promoting a comfortable and restful sleep without the need for box springs. This design also contributes to the overall stability and sturdiness of the bed.

#4. 10-Year Structural Warranty

Picket&Rail stands behind the quality of their bunk beds with a 10-year structural warranty, offering customers peace of mind and assurance in their investment. This commitment to quality underscores the brand's confidence in their craftsmanship.

#5. Complimentary Assembly and Delivery by Professionals

The hassle-free experience extends to free assembly and delivery services by professional teams. This added convenience ensures that your bunk beds are set up safely and correctly, without any extra effort on your part.

#6. Top Bunk Secured by Bolt and Nut

Unlike competitors that rely on simple dowels, Picket&Rail bunk beds use bolts and nuts to secure the top bunk, significantly enhancing the safety and stability of the bed. This thoughtful detail ensures that the bunk bed can safely accommodate sleepers night after night.

#7. Extra High Siderail for Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount with extra high siderails, designed to prevent falls, especially from the top bunk. This feature allows for the use of a six-inch mattress on the top bunk without compromising safety, offering comfort and peace of mind.

#8. Hardened Metal Joints for Durability

The inclusion of hardened metal joints in Picket&Rail bunk beds speaks to the brand's commitment to durability. These joints ensure that the beds can withstand the rigors of daily use, maintaining their structural integrity over time.

#9. Integrated Ladder for a Sounder Structure

With an integrated ladder, the overall structure is sounder, eliminating side sway and providing a safer, more stable means of accessing the top bunk. This integrated design enhances both the functionality and aesthetic of the bunk bed.

#10. 25 Years of Experience

Picket&Rail's 25 years of experience in the furniture industry is a testament to their expertise and commitment to quality. This extensive background ensures that each bunk bed is designed with the highest standards of craftsmanship and innovation.


Picket&Rail bunk beds stand out for their exceptional quality, innovative design features, and commitment to safety and durability. From their solid wood construction and convertible designs to the professional assembly and long-term warranties, these beds offer unparalleled value. Whether for children's rooms, guest rooms, or small living spaces, Picket&Rail bunk beds are a wise investment for anyone seeking the best in comfort, style, and longevity.