Ten Dangerous Baby Cot Features To Look Out For - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors Ten Dangerous Baby Cot Features To Look Out For - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

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Ten Dangerous Baby Cot Features To Look Out For

Ensuring your baby's safety is paramount, and that begins with choosing the right baby cot. In this article, we'll highlight ten dangerous baby cot features that you should be cautious of when making your selection.

#1. Pine Wood Construction

Avoid dangerous baby cots made from pine wood or other cheap softwoods. Pine wood tends to be soft, and the cot's hardware can loosen over time due to the softness of the wood, posing a safety risk to your baby. Many manufacturer's paint their cots white so you need to ask the retailer the cot's construction material before buying.

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#2. Dangerous Rocking Baby Cots

Beware of rocking cots where the entire structure swings. In many countries, such dangerous baby cots are banned due to the potential danger they pose. Babies have been seriously injured or killed when these cots topple over. Incidents involving eager older siblings pulling on the side rail have also led to cot accidents. Babies who can stand may attempt to climb over the side rail, causing the cot to tip over.

#3. Sharp Edges and Protruding Parts

Inspect the cot for sharp edges or protruding parts. These can pose a risk of injury to your baby, especially if they are learning to stand or move around in the cot. Choose a cot with rounded edges and no sharp corners.

#4. Wide Spacing in Crib Slats

Cots with wide spacing between the crib slats can be hazardous. Babies' heads or bodies may become trapped between the slats, potentially causing suffocation or injury. Ensure that the crib slats are no more than 2⅜ inches (6 centimeters) apart to prevent this danger. There are different standards for Australia and New Zealand.

#5. Lack of Proper Ventilation

Ensure that the baby cot provides adequate ventilation. Cots with solid sides all around can lead to poor air circulation, which may increase the risk of overheating and discomfort for your baby. Look for cots with slatted or breathable sides that allow proper airflow to help regulate temperature and ensure a safe sleeping environment. Fully padded cots designed for cold weather and Scandinavian climates are not suitable for Singapore's tropical weather.

#6. Decorative Cutouts or Shapes

Cots with decorative cutouts or shapes on the headboard or footboard may look appealing, but they can pose a strangulation risk if a baby's clothing or pacifier gets caught in them. Opt for a cot with a solid and simple design to minimize this risk.

#7. Poorly Designed Mattress Support

Check the cot's mattress support system. It should be sturdy and securely attached to prevent sagging or collapsing under your baby's weight. A poorly designed support system can lead to discomfort and potential hazards.

#8. Missing or Loose Hardware

Before assembling the cot, ensure that all the hardware is present and tightly secured. Missing or loose screws, bolts, or nuts can cause the cot to collapse or become unstable, endangering your baby.

#9. Toxic Paint or Finish

Be cautious of cots with toxic paint or finishes. Babies often chew on the crib's railings, and ingesting harmful substances can have serious health consequences. Choose a cot that uses non-toxic and lead-free finishes. 

#10. Inadequate Safety Standards

Finally, always check if the baby cot complies with safety standards in your country. Ensure that it meets all the necessary safety regulations and certifications to provide your baby with a secure sleeping environment.


When it comes to your baby's well-being, choosing the right cot is crucial. Avoiding these ten dangerous features will help you select a cot that provides a safe and comfortable place for your little one to rest and grow.

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