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Bullshit Alert! Radioactive Mattresses Are a Myth

Spurious claims have been going around that the coiled metal springs in mattresses somehow "amplify em waves" and cause cancer on the side of the body that rests on the mattress as you sleep. Some retailers have mistakenly or purposely picked up on this claim and use fear-mongering tactics to market springless mattresses, preying on customer's fear for their own health in order to push products that 'protect' them from a non existent threat.

Don't be taken in by these unfounded assertions. While it may be true that the metal in the mattress acts as an antennae, the EM waves in question are not equivalent to the radiation that causes cancer. "Radiation' is a scary word which brings to mind disasters like Chernobyl or Three-Mile Island, but that type of life threatening radiation is a specific one, gamma waves. Other types of radiation, alpha and beta waves, are extremely weak and can be deflected by a piece of paper. Your skin is more than enough protection. This natural background 'radiation' is everywhere and it is harmless - you have been exposed to it all your life, and you receive radiation every time you step out into the sun. 

Just A Radioactive Rumour

Continuing the pattern of using big and scary-sounding words, the 'electromagnetic waves' that these rumours dramatise are absolutely ubiquitous in daily life. You're being exposed to 'electromagnetic waves' right now as you read this from your phone or computer. The Wi-fi or Cellular signals that are giving you access to the internet are EM waves too. Even light is an electromagnetic wave. In order to get away from those, you would have to abandon all your electronics and move to an island, as anywhere with cellphone reception is by definition exposed to electromagnetic waves.

If you don't believe us, here's testimony from the trusted myth-busting site snopes.com, and a direct link to the scientific article, which actually has findings that are the OPPOSITE of what these rumours claim - that the metal in coiled springs actually acts as a SHIELD against radiation/electromagnetic waves, just like the aluminum in RF (radio frequency) proof wallets protects you against credit card information theft. 

Coiled springs in mattresses are absolutely harmless - and in fact are probably better for your body than pure latex. Instead of worrying about cancer, why not protect yourself against the more realistic threat of lousy sleep and backaches in the morning with one of our ShinJu Air mattresses