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Multiblind - Combi Shade with Vertical Design

Multi Blind takes inspiration from the popular Combi Shade concept but enhances it with a Vertical orientation. This combination allows for seamless side-to-side movement, giving you full control over the amount of light entering the room and ensuring optimal privacy. The integration of these two window treatment styles offers an innovative and efficient solution for your window covering needs.

Unique and Innovative

With its distinct combination of features, Multi Blind stands out as a unique and innovative window treatment. Its ability to move both vertically and horizontally offers a level of versatility not found in traditional blinds. The innovative design allows you to adjust the blinds precisely to achieve the desired lighting and privacy settings, enhancing your overall comfort and convenience.

Modern and Simple

Multi Blind's modern and simple design makes it a perfect fit for contemporary living spaces. The clean lines and minimalist appearance add a touch of sophistication to any room. Its unassuming look ensures that Multi Blind effortlessly complements various interior design styles, blending in seamlessly with your existing decor elements.


In conclusion, Multi Blind offers a unique and efficient window treatment that combines the features of Combi Shade with a Vertical design. Its ability to move both vertically and horizontally provides unparalleled light control and privacy options. With a modern and simple appearance, Multi Blind effortlessly elevates the aesthetics of any room. Embrace the innovative design and versatility of Multi Blind, and experience the convenience and style it brings to your living or working space.