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Car Seat Belts Pose A Danger To Newborn Babies

The car seat belt has saved the lives of more motorists probably than any other car related invention. But it has also been responsible for a significant number of deaths and accidents of babies and toddlers. When Maxi Cosi introduced the first modern baby car seat system with comprehensive safety features in Europe in 1984 it was designed to work in conjunction with the car's safety belt. But this partnership had some inherent problems. This is especially so with baby car seat (for newborns to 15 months). Newer and better models now use car seat bases.

Many parents install the baby car seat wrongly when using the seat belts. They would strap the carrier down in way they thought convenient or logical. Most of them fail to read the user manual. In such cases the carrier may fail to work as designed. The carrier could flip over on hard braking or impact.

Seat Belts Can Be Difficult

Most modern car seat belts use a belt retractor to tension them. If the seat belt buckle is unbuckled and released quickly without being held onto, the built-in belt retractor can sometimes fling the buckle into the baby's face by pulling in the belt. This can result in severe injury.

Maxi Cosi Family Fix 360 with car seat base

In tropical climates the exposed metal tongue of the seat belt buckle can get extremely hot. Parents have accidentally burnt their babies while strapping in the carrier with baby inside.

If the baby car seat is strapped down in a rear-facing position, it can be challenging to get the baby out. The bottom part of the seat belt runs across baby's legs and the top part of the seat belt that stretches to the back of the carrier will obstruct direct access to baby. So getting baby out means unstrapping every single time. Every unstrapping is an accident waiting to happen.

Parents Are In Danger Too

Baby is not the only person that may get hurt. Mummy or Daddy may hurt their backs by over reaching across the car seat to buckle baby in. Taller vehicles such as SUVs can make buckling baby carriers in very difficult, time consuming, accident prone and stressful.

Getting Baby out of the car safely also means carrying out the carrier every time or rotating the car seat carrier on the car's back seat and then removing baby. The situation can be made more challenging if the car is parked on a slope. This is a constant inconvenience and increases the chances of an accident occurring.

In an emergency when Baby needs to be extricated quickly from the car the seat belt can be a hindrance. The probability of an entanglement will always exist.

Over the last few decades technology and design has improved tremendously. New safety technologies such as ISOFIX and restraining tethers has eliminated the use of seat belts to secure car seats.

Family Fix 360 With Car Seat Base

Today Maxi Cosi has developed the FamilyFix 360 bundle that eliminates all these problems associated with seat belts. With a FamilyFix base the use of the seat belt is totally removed. All problems associated with the car's seat belts are gone.

  • NO seat belt entanglements
  • NO strapping in the car seat every time
  • NO mistakes in strapping
  • Easy and fast exit and entry of baby with rotation function
  • Remove car seat with baby quickly
  • Less disturbance to sleeping babies

The FamilyFix base allows the Pearl 360 carrier and Pebble 360 car seat to be rotated single handed. The carrier or car seat can with a single movement face the door exit directly for easy access. Getting baby in and out of the car can be so much easier.

As baby grows and gets heavier carrying baby gets more difficult for parents and grandparents. The rotating functions eases this burden.

Other key features of this bundle are

  • All car seats are tested to 70km/h. Double the industry standard.
  • All car seats have the best in class side protection side impact protection incorporating G-cell 2.0 technology.
  • All car seats have Climaflow fabrics and ventilation to protect Baby from over heating or heat stroke.
  • All car seat harnesses are plastic coated to prevent buckle burns.

View the most comprehensive range Maxi Cosi products at our City Square Mall showroom. Have our certified Maxi Cosi Passenger Safety Consultant walk you through the features of products suitable for your needs.

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