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Maxi-Cosi Introduced The First Baby Car Seat In Europe

Around the world, every baby is born with the exciting promise of the future. At Maxi-Cosi, we are inspired by that promise. That's why we do everything we can to help parents raise their families. We are focused on developing products that carry children in the safest and most comfortable way possible. Our car seats have already carried over 50 million babies home from the hospital. And our strollers have shown up when it counts — on the first day of pre-school, at birthday parties, and spontaneous picnics in the park.

Since 1984

Our brand was born in the Netherlands in 1984. At that time, there were very few ways to travel with your children safely in the car. That all changed in 1984 when Maxi-Cosi introduced the first baby car seat in Europe. It was simply a revolution. We've come a long way since then. Maxi-Cosi has become the generic name for the entire baby car seat category in Europe. We invented the first travel-system, called the Maxi-Taxi, most recently introduced the first car seat using Airbag technology in Europe, and are getting ready to launch a revolutionary new car seat in the United States — the Magellan 5-in-1. We are always challenging the status-quo with meaningful innovations. Our genuine care for the future drives us to make life easier, safer, and more comfortable for young families.

Today we are the leading brand in Europe, selling products all over the world. But we feel responsible to continually search for innovation that supports families everywhere to move safely and happily. It's a duty we don't take lightly, which is why we stand by our promise: We carry the future.

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