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Our 3 Top Safety Tips For Travel

The world is waiting for you! People to see, places to go, things to see. Travelling with your child will always be an adventure, so follow these key safety tips, and then get ready to hit the road.

Taking your child out in the car is a great shared experience, whether you’re just popping out to the park or going further afield. Naturally, you want the reassurance that your child will travel safely and happily and a properly fitted baby car seat will be your first priority.

Family with kids looking at map

Optimal safety

Always choose a safe baby car seat, or baby capsule made by a reputable manufacturer, and we don't recommend to buy second-hand as the seat may be damaged and/or have been previously involved in a car accident. For optimal safety, choose a car seat with extra side protection. Also, it's really important that you install the car seat properly and that it is the right size for your child. Buy from a trusted baby retailer and ask the salesperson’s advice. Remember, we recommend that you keep your baby rear facing for as long as possible as this is the safest position for your baby.

Make travelling fun

Take regular breaks if you’re on a long journey – it’s important for you and your child to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and stay mobile! Make sure that you are covered for any changes in the weather and take warm covers too so your child can take a nap.

Don’t forget to have some travel games planned to help pass the time on longer trips – even simple games such as I Spy, or Maxi-Cosi Car Bingo will keep kids happy. You can also sing songs with them, play music or talking book CDs, and also make sure they have their favourite toy or book with them. Healthy snacks and drinks are a good idea too.

Make a copy of our Maxi-Cosi Car Bingo for your next family trip.

When you get there...

Make sure you have suitable outdoor clothes ready for your child, sun protection if it’s hot including sunscreen, a raincover when it rains and gloves for when it is cold.

Remember, happy family, happy journey.


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