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Why select a car seat with AirProtect® technology?

No one likes to think about the possibility of having a car accident, but at the same time, you want to do all you can to protect your child in case of any eventuality. Because the safety of your child is our top priority, we've developed our revolutionary AirProtect® technology to minimise the risk of injury to your child in a side-impact collision.

Did you know?

Side-impact collisions are especially dangerous for children? They cause a third of all child crash fatalities, nearly all of which are due to head injuries.

AirProtect  technology for side-impact collisions

Side-impact collisions are very dangerous for children. One in four collisions are side-on, but they are responsible for a third of all child crash fatalities. That's because in a side-impact collision the shoulders take the main forces of the impact. This jolts the chest and head, resulting in serious injuries. It's also particularly dangerous if the child is sitting on the side of the impact as the door may be pushed into them. AirProtect® gives you peace of mind that your child is protected from the forces of a side-on collision.

How does AirProtect® technology work?

AirProtect® is specifically designed to protect your child's head in a side-impact crash. The technology reduces the impact forces around your little one's head by diverting them away from your child and absorbing them into the headrest.

Innovating solutions to best protect your child

Our AirProtect® technology is the result of a ground-breaking collaboration between Dorel and the renowned Crash Test Centre at Kettering University, Michigan USA.

At Maxi-Cosi, we always put your child’s safety first. To minimise the risk of injury, we've developed a choice of new technologies for safe travel in the car. 

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