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You Can’t Put A Price On A Child’s Life

Cassie doesn’t remember much about the day of her accident. One moment she was enjoying a normal morning with her son Hamish… the next she woke up, trapped in the back seat of her car to the sound of Hamish crying. Cassie was living every parent’s worst nightmare.

“A lady came over and said ‘there’s a baby in here’ and I remember saying to her ‘just get Hamish out of the car!’... as soon as she lifted him up he stopped crying so I knew he must have been ok.”

While the day of the accident and the ones that follow are somewhat of a blur for Cassie, her life was forever changed. She had broken her back and pelvis and required surgery. She now has weekly physio, OT and hydrotherapy sessions to help manage her injuries… but as any parent would be, Cassie prefers to focus on the fact that Hamish was miraculously unharmed from the accident. “He had a couple of little bruises on his thighs just from the straps but other than that, fine. That’s a miracle…”



Like all of us, Cassie never thought that the worst would happen to her. But thankfully she was prepared with a quality Maxi-Cosi car seat. And it’s that car seat that she credits with saving Hamish’s life.

“Hamish, he was fine... and I just think a good quality car seat, that’s what saved his life… It was a brand new car seat so we knew it was safe. If you get a second hand one and there is a little crack it in and you have an accident, that crack could collapse the seat completely... The Maxi-Cosi car seat definitely saved Hamish’s life.

As much as we wish we never had to hear about our customers being involved in life-changing accidents, that’s why we have our Accident Exchange Program. We want to ensure that you can continue to keep your precious cargo safe by offering new for old replacement for Maxi-Cosi car seats involved in an accident.

Thank you to Cassie for sharing her story with us. We are in awe of what an amazing mother she is and how she is using her horrific experience to ensure other parents are aware of the difference a quality car seat can make.