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Top 10 Sliding Door Wardrobes To Buy For Singapore

When it comes to maximizing storage space and adding a touch of sophistication to your home, customized sliding door wardrobes are a game-changer for tiny Singapore. These versatile and stylish storage solutions offer a seamless and organized way to store your belongings. While elevating the overall aesthetics of your living space. With their customizable features and smooth sliding doors, these wardrobes are a must-have for anyone. Especially for those seeking a perfect blend of style and functionality. Let's dive into the 10 key reasons why these customized wardrobes are a game-changer for your home.

#1 Space Optimization With Sliding Door Wardrobes:

Customized Freud Series 3 Sliding Door Wardrobe

Custom wardrobes are specifically designed to optimize space in small bedrooms. With sliding doors, there is no need for extra clearance space for door swings, allowing the wardrobe to be placed closer to other furniture or walls. This efficient use of floor space helps maximize the available area, making it easier to navigate the room. HDB flats are getting smaller with every year.

Custom sliding door wardrobe - Picket&Rail

#2 Smooth Sliding Door Wardrobe Mechanism:

Custom Wardrobe 1.2m-1.5m with Sliding Doors

A well-designed sliding mechanism ensures that the doors glide smoothly along the tracks. This feature is particularly important in small bedrooms where space is limited, as it allows for easy access to the wardrobe without obstruction. Smooth sliding doors also prevent any accidental bumps or disruptions, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

#3 Customized Wardrobe Interior Layout:

Customized Wardrobe Garden Series 3 Sliding Door Wardrobe

Custom wardrobes offer the advantage of tailored interior layouts. By working with a professional designer, homeowners can customize the arrangement of shelves, hanging rods, drawers, and compartments to suit their specific storage needs. This customization ensures that every inch of space is utilized efficiently and that belongings are organized in a way that is most convenient for the individual.

Custom Sliding Door Wardrobe

#4 Mirrors On Wardrobe Doors:

Customized Wardrobe Garden Series 2 Sliding Door Wardrobe

Mirrored sliding doors serve a practical purpose while visually enhancing the bedroom. They provide a full-length mirror, eliminating the need for a separate standalone mirror. This feature not only saves space but also adds functionality to the wardrobe, allowing for quick outfit checks and creating the illusion of a larger room by reflecting light and opening up the space.


#5 Integrated Lighting Within Wardrobe:

Customized Wardrobe Phantom Series 2 High Gloss Sliding Door Wardrobe

Incorporating built-in lighting within the wardrobe enhances visibility and functionality. Integrated lights can be strategically placed to illuminate the interior, making it easier to see and select items. Task lighting or motion-activated LED lights are popular choices as they provide efficient illumination without taking up extra space or requiring additional fixtures in the bedroom.


#6 Customizable Finishes Inside And Outside Wardrobe:

Customized Wardrobe Mango Series 1 Sliding Door Wardrobe

Custom-made wardrobes offer a wide range of finishes to suit different preferences and bedroom aesthetics. Options such as laminates, wood veneers, or glass allow homeowners to select a finish that complements the existing decor and reflects their personal style. This customization ensures that the wardrobe seamlessly integrates with the overall bedroom design, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing space.


#7 Vertical Storage Solutions With Full Height Sliding Doors:

Customized Wardrobe Garden Series 1 Sliding Door Wardrobe

Utilizing vertical space is crucial in small bedrooms. Custom wardrobes can be designed with tall compartments or double-height hanging rods to maximize vertical storage. This allows for the efficient organization of clothing, bags, and other items, effectively utilizing the height of the wardrobe without occupying excessive floor space.


#8 Accessibility and Organization With Wardrobe Compartments:

Custom Carpentry 1.2m-1.5m Sliding-Door Wardrobe - Assorted Colors

Custom wardrobes can be equipped with various organizational elements to enhance accessibility and keep items well-organized. Pull-out drawers provide easy access to folded clothing or accessories, while shoe racks or cubbies keep footwear neatly arranged. Additional compartments or dividers can be included to separate and organize different categories of belongings, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient storage system.

Sliding Door Wardrobe Integrated With Open Shelves And Drawers

#9 Space-Saving Design:

Sliding Door Wardrobe Integrated With Open Shelves And Drawers

Custom wardrobes can be designed to fit into tight corners or alcoves, making use of every available inch of space. This space-saving design ensures that the wardrobe doesn't protrude or create awkward gaps, maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance in the bedroom. By seamlessly blending into the room's layout, the wardrobe contributes to a sense of spaciousness and order.

#10 Customized Dimensions For Maximizing Space Usage:

Customized Wardrobe Freud Series 1 Sliding Door Wardrobe

Custom-made sliding door wardrobes are designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of the bedroom. Professional designers take accurate measurements to ensure a precise fit, eliminating any wasted space or gaps. This customized approach ensures that the wardrobe seamlessly integrates with the overall room layout, creating a harmonious and visually appealing storage solution.

Pros of Sliding Door Wardrobes

  • They don’t take up any space or get in your way when you need to open them. So, they work perfectly in compact spaces with less floor space, and in spacious rooms as well. For example, if you have a small room where the wardrobe space is at the foot of the bed, a sliding door wardrobe is the best option, hands down.
  • Sliding door wardrobes tend to be larger, leaving you with more space for your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. If you want a wardrobe all along the length of your room, this is the option you should go for.
  • They are more stable as they don’t rely on hinges to hold up the doors.
  • A mirrored sliding door wardrobe (one with a mirror in front) helps in making your room look larger.
  • They come in a variety of designs that can be matched with the décor of your room. You can have them made in blockboard, MDF, opaque or frosted glass, or veneer, with a mirror or without, and in many other ways.  
Bedroom / Wardrobe Gallery  Volume II

Feature: Bedroom / Wardrobe Gallery  Volume II

  • Unlike hinged wardrobes, one half of the wardrobe will remain shut even when you open it, so you can never see the entire contents of the wardrobe when open.
  • The back of the doors cannot be used. For example, you can use the back of hinged doors to hang hooks or a rod to hold your ties, towels, or to mount a full-length mirror. 

Sliding Door Wardrobe Cleaning Tips

  • Sliding door wardrobes don’t need a lot of maintenance. But, you may come across the issue that they get stuck in their tracks, making it difficult to slide them. This is due to dirt accumulation in the tracks.
  • To prevent that from happening, vacuum clean the tracks every two weeks or, whenever you vacuum clean the rest of your house. Or use a toothbrush or a stiff brush to coax the dirt out. Once you do that, apply an aerosol lubricant or a silicone spray on the rollers on the top and bottom to allow them to slide smoothly.
  • If the rollers are damaged, replace them with new ones. If you find the roller wheel alignment to be improper, the screws that hold the tracks and the wheels together may have become loose. Get these screws tightened and replace any missing ones.
  • If you have a mirrored wardrobe, clean the mirrors with vinegar diluted with water. Take care that this solution doesn’t spill onto the frames or moving parts.


    By considering and incorporating these features into custom-made sliding door wardrobes, individuals living in small, crowded cities like Singapore can optimize their bedroom space, enhance organization, and enjoy a visually pleasing and functional storage solution that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

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