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A Beautiful Bench Has Many Places to Be

A slat low bench can find a place anywhere in the home, especially with its easy mobility. Don’t believe us? We count off for you:

  1. As a striking coffee table (look at those unique harp-shaped legs! A mid-century modern design that is still very much in vogue)
  2. Or even positioned to complement your coffee table as an adjunct coffee table
  3. As a hallway bench
  4. As a study bench
  5. At the foot of the bed for seating, storage and style!
  6. At the entrance of your home as an entryway bench
  7. And our favorite: underneath a window so that sunlight spills into through the slats of the bench to create beautiful, interesting patterns

Our Rhyza Bench inspired by George Nelson's Platform Bench comes in your choice from 5 gorgeous woods, 3 different lengths and an optional glass top to suit your needs. Where would you put it in your home?