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H.W. Klein

Born in Norway, the Scandinavian designer Henry Walter Klein was a polymath who possessed several degrees in language and mathematics. He also trained as a sailor at the Royal Ship in Norway in his youth and joined the Norwegian Royal Marine during the way. He studied under fellow Danish designer Finn Juhl who was the head of teaching at Frederikberg Tekniske Skole in Denmark. He started his own interior business back in Norway, working on shops along the shopping street. In a nod to his maritime background, he outfitted the shops with teak furniture.

H.W. Klein’s Bramin Wooden Dining Chair are classic chairs with bent wood seat backs increasing ergonomic comfort as well as a unique cut-out pattern on the aforementioned backs that makes them resemble, strikingly, dragonfly wings. They have a smooth solid wood frame and an upholstered seat. The comfortable and simple Klein Bramin Wooden Dining Chair fits into most scenes, especially (naturally) in the dining room or anywhere, really, as a side chair as a decorative (and practical) accent.

The chair shown above is a replica.