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Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen and Torben Lind

Danish designer Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen apprenticed as a cabinetmaker in that distinguished Danish tradition and attended the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He was also a member of the Danish Design Council and became an educator at the Kunsthandvrerkerskolen (School of Arts and Crafts) before eventually Rector of the Departement of Furniture Design. He has had many international exhibitions, including at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His collaboration with the architect Torben Lind gave birth to their Moduline Sofa series (1962; Louise Sofa in 1 and 2-seater options).

Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen and Torben Lind’s Moduline Sofa (1962) is a modular sofa with a solid wood frame that is extendable with end and middle parts. This appealing design that allows for personal configurations is accentuated by the plushness of the buttoned leather upholstery with piping detail. Each chair has a unique, tactile quality to it thanks to the nature of the timber used.