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Jaime Hayon

Up-and-coming Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon studied industrial design in Madrid and Paris. He later on worked in Italy and Barcelona before settling down in London to live and work. Hayon has won much acclaim for his works and exhibited all over the world. He was the youngest guest of honor that the Interieur Biennial in Belgium has ever had, in 2008. Hayon is known for his stylistic, detailed, whimsical-yet-brash contemporary imagery.

Hayon’s Josephine Table Lamp (2004) looks like a particularly-inspired genie bottle. The traditional table lamp form is thus altered with baroque influences and simultaneously subverted by the traditional use of porcelain for the base. The lamp’s expressive base design manages to convey the opulence of the baroque period even eschewing any embellishments with just its shape and structure. It pairs very well with the modern elements of the flat pedestal disc and simple fabric conical shade to make for a definite timeless centrepiece. The lamp is part of the homonymous collection that Hayon designed for Metalarte.