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How to Support our Retailers Weather the Corona Storm

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on us and our fellow our retailers. Social distancing measures, fear of crowds and economic uncertainty has left many of us retailers facing a grim prospect. There has not been any serious rent relief or significant measures to prop retailers up. Now the government has imposed a 16 sqm of usable space per person rule on shopping malls.

However you can support our local retailers including us by doing the following:
  1. Visit retailers who have a warehouse outlet. Such outlets often has many clearance items that are heavily discounted. Treasures are waiting to be picked up. Not everything can be bought online. Especially furniture and more expensive items. Such places are also relatively quiet because the browsing crowd is absent. These places are usually patronized only by serious buyers.

  2. Patronize Local Companies. Live the SQ-United spirit. Here are some well known locally owned companies:
  • Picket&Rail (furniture)
  • Pazzion (fashion)
  • Supermom (baby goods)
  • Fantasy Waterbed (furniture)
  • Challenger (tech)
  • Apple iStudio (tech)
  • Sam & Sara (home decor)
  • Buy Online. If you can't visit the store get your stuff online. Most stores have an e-commerce site. If the delivery is from a Singapore based address then there is good chance that there is a local business involved. Message the company on Facebook and ask for a discount code. You will be surprised if you get a positive response. In the current economic climate every little bit helps.
Help every Singaporean wherever possible. United we stand divided we fall.