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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Picket&Rail Takes Responsibility For Pregnancies

We sincerely apologize to our customers. Picket&Rail, as one of Singapore's leading furniture retailers have to take responsibility for the quality our products. We have faced a barrage of messages about our beds and mattresses. The accusations has been that the use our products have resulted in an unusually high incidence of pregnancies among our customers. 

Our CEO said that, "We thought our products were perfectly fine. We manufacture our mattresses to exacting specifications. They performed exactly for what they were designed for. For sex and sleep. We did not expect such results."

"However to appease our customers we will shoulder part of the burden. All customers who purchase any of our Queen and King Beds are entitled to a FREE Solid Hard Wood Baby Cot or Newborn car seat if they get pregnant and give birth. Our delivery will coincide with their delivery in a timely manner. The laborious task of any assembly will be carried out by us."

Reasons For High Prenancy Incidences

Some customers believe the high incidence of pregnancies could be due to following reasons

  • Formaldehyde free materials used might have increased fertility.
  • The ice cool fabric used on their ShinJu mattress might have lowered the testicular temperature of its male occupant and increased sperm count.
  • The tencel bedsheets might have contributed to further cooling of the testicles.
  • The super strong structure of their solid wood beds might have contributed by improving impact and penetration during lovemaking.

We assure our customers that their suspicions are completely true. We claim responsibility.

Affected and unaffected customers can visit our showrooms at City Square Mall and their Megastore @ 25 Tagore to try out their "phenomenal" beds and view our baby cots and car seats. Picket&Rail has set up a hotline for those concerned. You can contact them by WhatsApp at these numbers.

Mattresses Made for Sex

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