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Top 10 Best Benches For Dining, Storage and Living Room

When it comes to maximizing both functionality and space in your home, storage benches are an excellent addition. These versatile pieces of furniture offer compact and stylish extra seating. They also provide valuable storage space to help keep your living areas organized. Whether you need a bench that can accommodate a dining table or a multifunctional seating option for your living room, storage benches are the perfect solution.

One of the key advantages of storage benches are their dual functionality. They serve as comfortable seating options while also offering hidden compartments beneath their seats. This makes them ideal for various areas of your home, whether it's your dining area, living room, or even entryway. With their compact design, they can seamlessly fit into different spaces. Providing both a practical seating solution and a discreet storage area.

Here are our top ten benches:

Storage Bench - Picket&Rail

#1 Ideal Bench Height For Dining - 45 cm

Americana Storage Bench ITG126BG

In dining areas, certain benches are designed to be high enough to match a standard dining table. A bench height of 45 cm offers a unique and space-saving seating alternative. They create a cohesive and visually appealing look with the table. But they also provide a comfortable seating option for family and guests. Additionally, the storage compartments within the bench can be used to store items such as extra table linens, dinnerware, or even board games. This is a way to keeping them easily accessible while maintaining a clutter-free dining space.

In the living room, storage benches act as compact seating options that provide additional places for guests to sit. They also offer valuable storage space for various items. Whether you need a spot to store blankets, pillows, or even children's toys, these benches can neatly tuck away your belongings. Keeping your living area organized and free from clutter. Their versatility allows them to blend seamlessly with other furniture pieces. Adding both functionality and style to your living room setup.

Storage Bench - Picket&Rail

#2 Beautiful And Functional Benches Are Few

Americana Storage Bench #ITG291BC-1

Another benefit of storage benches is their ability to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. They come in various designs, materials, and finishes, allowing you to choose a bench that complements your existing decor and personal style. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more classic and rustic design, there is a storage bench that can seamlessly integrate into your home's overall aesthetic, elevating its visual appeal.

Investing in a storage bench offers you the convenience of extra seating and valuable storage space, all within a compact and stylish piece of furniture. Experience the practicality and versatility of these benches, whether in your dining area or living room, and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free and well-organized living space.

Storage Bench Cum Coffee Table - Picket&Rail

#3 Multifunction: Coffee Table, Ottoman, Bench Or Worktop

Americana Storage Bench #ITG-298BC-1

Transform your home with a storage bench that combines functionality, style, and versatility. Explore the options available and discover the perfect storage bench for your needs, creating a comfortable seating area and adding valuable storage space to your living areas. Embrace the benefits of these practical and versatile solutions and enjoy a more organized and visually appealing home.

Americana Fabric-Upholstered 2-Seater Solid Wood Sofa Dining Bench (WIL-5544C-2)

#4 Ideal for Dining Or As A Small Sofa In The Bedroom

Americana Fabric-Upholstered 2-Seater Solid Wood Sofa Dining Bench (WIL-5544C-2)

Introducing the Americana bench with a backrest, a versatile piece perfect for multiple settings. With its suitable height, it can be used as a dining bench or as a cozy small sofa in the bedroom.

Designed with comfort in mind, the Americana bench features a fabric and cushion combination that provides both style and support. The high resilience foam ensures a plush seating experience, allowing you to relax and unwind with ease. Whether you're enjoying a meal with family and friends or seeking a comfortable spot to read or lounge, this bench offers the perfect blend of functionality and comfort.

Elevate your dining area or bedroom with the Americana bench with a backrest. Its stylish design, combined with the practicality of its height and cushioning, makes it a must-have addition to any space. Experience the ultimate in seating comfort and enjoy the versatility this bench brings to your home.


Americana Storage Bench #ITG196-1BC


#5 Doubles As A Dining Seating Or Piano Bench

Americana Storage Bench #ITG196-1BC

Introducing our upholstered bench with exposed solid wood legs, a stylish and functional addition to your home. This versatile bench offers not only comfortable seating but also convenient storage options.

Featuring a lift-up seat top, this bench provides ample storage space for throws, books, and knick-knacks. Keep your living area organized and clutter-free while adding a touch of elegance to your decor. The exposed solid wood legs enhance the bench's aesthetic appeal and contribute to its overall durability and stability.

The ideal height of this bench makes it suitable for various purposes. Use it as a dining bench for additional seating during meals or as an entryway bench where you can comfortably sit and put on or take off your shoes. In the living room, it serves as extra seating for guests or a cozy spot to relax.

Custom Carpentry Dining Bench

#6 Custom Made To Any Size You Want

Custom Carpentry Dining Bench

Introducing our innovative customized bench, crafted with formaldehyde-free wooden panels and designed using cutting-edge Industry 4.0 software. This bench offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to tailor it to your exact specifications.

With our customization options, you can choose from a wide range of dimensions, ensuring the bench fits perfectly in any space. Additionally, you have the freedom to select from over 40 vibrant colors, enabling you to match the bench seamlessly with your existing decor.

The height of the bench is adjustable, making it suitable for various purposes. Whether you need a dining bench that aligns perfectly with your table or a bench designed specifically for kids, we have you covered. Enjoy the versatility and adaptability of our customizable bench, providing optimal comfort and convenience for all users.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and safety. Our use of formaldehyde-free wooden panels ensures a healthy and eco-friendly choice for your home. Combined with the efficiency and precision of our industry-leading design software, this bench represents the pinnacle of modern craftsmanship.

Experience the perfect combination of personalized design, durability, and environmental consciousness with our customized bench. Elevate your space with a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique style and meets your exact needs.

$49 Super Bench - Picket&Rail

Promotion: $49 Starbuy Custom Bench U.P.$299

For a limited time only we are having a custom bench sale. 

 Product Description

  • 2 sizes available:
    • 80cm x 35cm x 45cm
    • 100cm x 35cm x 45cm
  • All boards are in 18mm thickness
  • Formaldehyde-free boards
  • Available in wood, marble and other textured surfaces
  • Scratch, heat and moisture resistant surface top
  • Up to 10-year warranty when you pay by selected payment modes

 Why Get This Dining Bench?

  • Toxin-free; safe for families with young children and babies
  • Super strong; able to carry up to 200kg. Sit, stand, climb or even exercise on it.
  • Multi-functional; use it anywhere around the house; in the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and foyer.
  • Ideal as a dining bench; sitting height is equal to 45cm. Height can be customized at no additional cost. Visit in-store for customization
Copine 1.2m Bench in American Walnut (EHS-SD9187B-KD-WAL/BLK)

#7 Designer Looks With Contoured Bench Seat For Comfort

Copine 1.2m Bench in American Walnut (EHS-SD9187B-KD-WAL/BLK)

Introducing the exquisite Copine dining bench, a true designer's dream. Crafted with a meticulous blend of molded ply, powder-coated steel, and solid wood walnut legs, this bench seamlessly combines form and function to elevate your dining experience.

The innovative composition of these three materials creates a stunning visual impact. The molded ply provides a sleek and seamless seating surface, while the powder-coated steel adds a contemporary touch with its clean lines and durability. The solid wood walnut legs bring a touch of warmth and natural beauty to complete the ensemble.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Copine dining bench offers exceptional comfort and support. The carefully engineered design ensures a comfortable seating experience for extended periods. Whether you're enjoying a family meal or hosting a dinner party, this bench provides the perfect spot for relaxed and enjoyable dining.

With its meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful blend of materials, the Copine dining bench is not just a piece of furniture but a statement of style and sophistication. Make a lasting impression on your guests and create a dining space that reflects your impeccable taste. Elevate your dining area with the designer dream that is the Copine dining bench.

Norya Solid Wood Dining Bench Series - European Red Oak (RZD02Z)

Norya Solid Wood Dining Bench Series - European Red Oak (RZD02Z)

#8 American Walnut Solid Wood Dining Bench

Norya Solid Wood Dining Bench Series - European Red Oak (RZD02Z)

Elevate your dining space and add timeless charm and functionality with the Norya Solid Wood Dining Bench. This bench combines style, functionality, and durability to enhance your dining area. We meticulously crafted it with attention to detail, using high-quality American Black Walnut to ensure its longevity and timeless appeal. Whether you want to elevate your dining space, create a cozy breakfast nook, or add versatile seating to your kitchen, our Solid Wood Dining Bench is the perfect choice.

Norya Solid Wood Dining Bench Series - German White Oak (XZD02)

#9 Combine Metal And Wood For A Contemporary Look

Norya Solid Wood Dining Bench Series - German White Oak (XZD02)

Experience the perfect blend of metal and wood with our Norya Solid Wood Dining Bench Series - German White Oak (XZD02). This bench showcases a contemporary look with its unique curved metal designer legs. The curvature not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances the bench's side lateral strength, ensuring superior stability and a longer lifespan.

Designed with comfort in mind, the edges of the bench are thoughtfully rounded, providing a pleasant feel against a person's thigh. The attention to detail in the construction of this bench guarantees a solid and sturdy piece of furniture that can withstand everyday use. In fact, its durability is so impressive that it can even be utilized for exercise purposes.

 Whether you're enjoying a family meal, hosting gatherings, or simply adding extra seating to your kitchen, this bench is up to the task. Elevate your dining experience with this contemporary and durable bench that effortlessly combines metal and wood for a truly captivating aesthetic.

Norya Solid Wood Dining Bench Series - American Walnut (NZE01)

#10 When Length Matters

Norya Solid Wood Dining Bench Series - American Walnut (NZE01)

Introducing our extra-long American Walnut bench, perfect for accommodating extra big tables and larger families. This bench is crafted from solid American Walnut, ensuring its longevity for decades with proper care. Its unique and rustic appearance is enhanced by the finger joint look, adding a touch of character.

The presence of this bench in your dining room is undeniable, thanks to the combination of straight, powder-coated black metal legs and the beautiful slab of walnut. The active voice highlights the bench's features, emphasizing its suitability for spacious dining areas and larger gatherings.

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