Top 10 Best Furniture Store Checklist For Singapore - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors Top 10 Best Furniture Store Checklist For Singapore

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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Top 10 Best Furniture Store Checklist For Singapore

Big investment purchases should not be done on a whim. The purchase of large pieces of furniture aren't easy to reverse. Visiting a furniture store is best. Much better than shopping online. 

Customers should personally inspect and test drive the furniture. Furniture should be bought to last. Buying cheap furniture is not environmentally friendly. You should run your fingers over the wood. Feel the leather against your skin. Examine the stitch quality closely. Lie down on the mattress and close your eyes. Lounge on the couch. Sink in. Sit down on the chairs and test the armrests. Lean on the table. 

You never know exactly what you'll get online. Pictures can lie, and the real experience of meeting your furniture is something websites can never replace. A furniture store visit can be a bonding experience for all families. Picket&Rail's 35 Senang Crescent showroom is the place where all ten items in our checklists are marked off.

Here are 10 reasons why we’re worth the journey!

#1 Best Furniture Stores Have In-store Deals 

Kuka Furniture Store

All best furniture stores have in-store deals. This makes them better than online stores. Our 20,000 square foot furniture Megastore has all the furniture deals you need. We have something for every room and every generation under one roof.

We are Singapore's No.1 Solid Wood Furniture & Custom Leather Sofa brand. Our furniture store has the widest range of dining furniture, solid wood dining sets, bedroom furniture, SG's safestbunk beds, tatami storage bedsfull-height wardrobes, solid wood furniture, top grain Italian leather sofas, TV consoles, accent furniture, modular cabinets for home offices, custom kitchen cabinets, wall art and more! 

Looking through our furniture store, you might find hidden treasures you didn't even realise you needed.If you love deals, check out our ongoing furniture sales page to see them all conveniently all in one place. 

#2 Instant Custom Carpentry 3D Design

Baby Store, Art Gallery, Furniture Megastore, Showroom - Picket&Rail @ 25 Tagore

There is no need to travel elsewhere and waste more time searching for custom carpentry.

We are the only furniture store in Singapore where you can get custom carpentry works as well as loose furniture. We use special engineered wood that is formaldehyde free for our custom furniture. This wonder material is three times stronger than plywood. It is also  water, heat, scratch and termite resistant. . 

Our custom cabinets for the kitchen start $1699. We also have affordable made-to-measure wardrobes with swing and sliding doors for the bedroom from just $999. We can design and manufacture furniture for every room and interior in your home. Our construction team has more than a century of cumulative experience and we have furnished over 350,000 homes islandwide.

We proudly offer cutting-edge Industry 4.0 3D visualization services for custom carpentry, revolutionizing the way you envision and bring your dream projects to life. With our advanced software and expertise, we can create highly realistic and immersive 3D renderings of your custom carpentry designs. From bespoke cabinets and wardrobes to intricate shelving units and entertainment centers, our 3D visualizations allow you to visualize every detail and make informed decisions before the actual construction begins.

This innovative technology not only saves time and costs but also ensures that the end result matches your exact specifications and aesthetic preferences. 

#3 Famous Brands In Every Room

Picket&Rail has the exclusive distributorship for multiple internationally reputable brands in the home furnishing industry. We provide smart solutions to fulfil our customers' desires and push the bounds of ready-made and custom furniture. 

Come and view the widest range of sustainably sourced, A-grade Americana solid wood furniture in Singapore in clean and modern designs. We are also the exclusive distributors of KUKA Home leather sofas, Norya modular wood cabinets and Suofeiya custom carpentry to cater from basic requirements of ready-made construction to custom designer level installations.

On display are the famous Inkagu mattresses. These mattresses are the first to be specially designed for both sex and sleep. Also on display are the original Tatami storage beds. We are the original designers of such beds. but our designs have been copied globally. 

#4 Singapore’s Widest Collection of Solid Wood Furniture

Baby Store, Art Gallery, Furniture Megastore, Showroom - Picket&Rail @ 25 Tagore

Solid wood is the best structural material for heavy use furniture such as beds, dining tables and sofas because of its sturdiness, durability and easy maintenance. They acquire the warm patina of age over time, growing in character to become a personal piece in your home, and maybe an heirloom for the next generation.

Absolute uniformity is not the objective with solid wood furniture - each piece is unique like the living tree that it came from, so any specific knots, waves, and shapes in the grain belong to you alone.

We curate pieces that are meant to last. Our in-house specialists ensure that each piece we carry is built to last for years. All our furniture have a sturdy structure and good engineering design.  Peek under any of our chairs or tables and you'll be able to tell in the details.

A lot of our solid wood furniture are made from formaldehyde-free, Grade ‘A’ Malaysian Oak wood in accordance with sustainable practices and treated with various protectants to extend its lifespan. When you visit our furniture store, you're not just bringing a little nature into your home - you're also helping defend it. 

#5 Quality Sofas: Kuka - World's #1 Leather Sofa Brand

Baby Store, Art Gallery, Furniture Megastore, Showroom - Picket&Rail @ 25 Tagore

There's nothing like coming back home to a sofa that holds you like it loves you. The KUKA recliner sofas are a popular choice because of their ergonomic construction that provides head to toe support. Our recliner sofas also feature infinitely variable positions - rather than choosing from a number of preset positions like a beach chair, you choose the exact position you want. 

You don't need to worry about losing it either - just save your preferred position, and your sofa will remember. It will go there with the push of a button. 

Beneath the premium leather, KUKA sofas feature high-resilience high-density foam in their construction - a technology that has more in common with the memory foams used in premium pillows and mattresses. The material is designed to be light and plush, while also giving 3D support for the body and retaining its shape for many years.

#6 Total Integrated Sleep Solutions - Beds, Mattresses, Pillows And Bedsheets

We spend a third of our lives in bed. It is therefore wise to give your mattresses, beddings and bed frames more thought. What is an integrated sleep solution? It means that everything you need for good sleep fits into place without hassle. No fussing over measurements, wondering about the best material for comfort, and removing useless branding or packaging waste. 

We focused all of our resources and efforts to develop the three best mattresses in the world for its price - Shinju Air I, Shinju Air II and Shinju Air III.

The Shinju range is designed to facilitate sex and sleep for a wide range of body types. Featuring charcoal fabric over multiple layers of foam and a memory foam pillow top. All models come with individual pocketed springs, which give even support, a responsive bounce, and minimal motion transfer to ensure that when you get in and out of bed your partner won't be disturbed by shifting weight on the mattress.

What's more, we've broken free from the traditional mattress supply chain model to reduce ridiculous markups. Our mattresses come direct from factory to home, vacuum-sealed for extra freshness. 

#7 Customizable Solid Wood Furniture 

With thousands of configurations available for cabinets, bookcases, studies, wardrobes, tables, bed frames and dining sets, there is no layout or floor plan that Norya cannot solve.

For this high-end range of modular furniture, only the best specimens of solid wood from American Walnut, European Dark Oak and German Light Oak trees are selected. These materials are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-termite for easy maintenance. 

Norya is famed for providing a full and complete finish. Be it the back, underside or interior, there is no spot left bare and no bad side to any piece. With the combination of classic, genuine leather and real solid wood, your room is bound to be beautiful from every angle.

Industry 4.0 Customization and 3D rendering visualization is available for this collection.

#8 Flexible And Powerful Renovation & ID Solutions

For anyone that walks through our doors, we provide free site visits, measurements, consultation and instant quotation. We prepared basic BTO and HDB renovation packages that transparently state all the costs and services provided, so our customers know exactly where their money is going. Come to Picket&Rail Carpentry&Reno with your wildest kitchen, living room or bedroom dream designs and we can build it for you.

Our ready-made Tatami series embody Japandi living style. They maximise storage solutions in small homes and you can customize the little details, from handle variants to wood finish. If you like your furniture to be customisable, flexible, and creative, come to us.

#9 Bring Your Home To Life With Art & Decor

Distinguish your home through accent furniture, grand wall artcolossal mechanical clocks, innovative smart curtains or decorative mirrors. A refined choice of interior decoration and soft furnishings can make your house a home.

Decor and styling give your living space a narrative, culture, and background story. Design lives in the details, and our range can help you tie in the elements of your interior design together to form a cohesive image. 

Our collections are purposefully picked to match the character of our furniture. Unlike mass produced and decor, here each piece is limited edition so that your house will be unique when you shop with us. Our licensed prints by distinguished artists drip with texture are of top-notch quality.

#10 Spacious Basement Parking - Rain Or Shine

Our 35 Senang Crescent showroom is built to prioritize the customer experience. We want to make shopping easy and convenient for you.

All the featured items in the showrooms have their own QR codes so that our customers can instantly purchase or obtain more information easily. There are 100 lots in the basement car park available or rainy days and the showrooms are conveniently accessible via lifts. We have extended the shopping hours to 10am - 7pm during weekends because it takes time to cover everything you need and plan your trip with ease. 

Thinking of shopping for furniture, art, or baby gear? Why wait, come on down today. 

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