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Top 10 HDB Furniture Considerations

Singapore's public housing, known as HDB flats, has specific layout and size considerations. Consider furniture options that are suitable for HDB homes, taking into account space constraints and regulations. Here are ten key points to keep in mind:

#1 Optimize Space:

Maximize every inch of available space by choosing furniture pieces that are compact and multifunctional. For example, select a smaller sofa, beds with storage, floor to ceiling and wall to wall wardrobes or a coffee table with hidden storage.

Lyon Custom Coffee Table - Custom Carpentry - Picket&Rail

Feature: Custom Multifunction Coffee Tables With Storage 

#2 Customization:

Consider custom-made furniture that can be tailored to fit the unique dimensions of your HDB flat. This ensures optimal utilization of space and a seamless integration with the layout. Consider floor to ceiling and wall to wall cabinetry.

Custom Luxury Wardrobe - Picket&Rail

Feature: Custom Carpentry Using Industry 4.0 Technology

#3 Modular Furniture:

Embrace modular furniture systems that allow flexibility in configuration. They can be rearranged or expanded as needed, adapting to the changing needs of your HDB home.

#4 Built-in Storage:

Invest in furniture with built-in storage solutions like drawers, shelves, or compartments. This helps keep clutter at bay and maximizes storage space without sacrificing aesthetics.

Tatami Storage Bed - Drawers And Compartments - Picket&Rail

Feature: Tatami Storage Beds

#5 Wall-Mounted Options:

Explore wall-mounted furniture such as floating shelves, foldable tables, or wall-mounted desks. They save floor space and create an illusion of openness in smaller rooms.

#6 Lightweight and Portable:

Opt for lightweight and portable furniture that can be easily moved or rearranged. This provides flexibility in adapting to different functions or layouts within your HDB flat.

#7 Adjustable Furniture:

Consider furniture pieces with adjustable features, such as extendable dining tables or height-adjustable desks. This allows you to customize the furniture based on specific needs and maximize functionality.

#8 Reflective Surfaces:

Incorporate furniture with reflective surfaces like mirrored cabinets or glass tabletops. They create an illusion of a larger space by reflecting light and visually expanding the room.

#9 Open Shelving:

Utilize open shelving units instead of bulky cabinets, as they provide storage while maintaining an airy feel. Displaying carefully curated items on the shelves can also add a personalized touch to your HDB home.

#10 Compliance with Regulations:

Ensure that the furniture you choose complies with HDB regulations. For example, avoid installing heavy fixtures on load-bearing walls or compromising the structural integrity of your flat.

Study Loft Bed - Picket&Rail

Feature: Solid Wood Single And Bunk Beds

In summary, when furnishing your HDB flat, optimize space, consider customization and modular options, incorporate built-in storage, explore wall-mounted and lightweight furniture, opt for adjustability, utilize reflective surfaces, embrace open shelving, and adhere to HDB regulations. These considerations will help you make the most of your space while maintaining a functional and visually appealing HDB home.

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