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Top 10 Best Newborn Baby Cots You Can Buy in Singapore

A newborn baby cot is simply a baby bed. It is a piece of furniture for baby to sleep or lie in. There has been much confusion over terminology and obstinance over language. The Collins dictionary defines a baby cot as, "A cot is a bed for a baby, with bars or panels round it so that the baby cannot fall out".

In fact there are many different sorts of baby cots with specific names. Cribs, bouncers, swings, playards and even strollers are just different forms of baby beds. Our list below describes the top ten best types of baby cots in Singapore.

newborn solid hard wood baby cot

#1 - Standard Baby Cots For Newborns Are Affordable

Picket&Rail 4-in-1 Solid Wood Baby Cot 892 (120x60cm) Col: Brown

This are what most people think of when we mention baby cots. They come in a few sizes. But they are mostly defined by their type of construction. The frame and rails are made of a stiff material such as wood or steel bars. Solid wood is the most common option for such frames. Avoid the foldable models as they are structurally weak and can endanger your child. Metal baby cots are not popular in Singapore.

Baby cot standard sizes range from 120cm x 60 cm to 140cm x 80cm. They are useful from roughly 0 -30 months from birth. The smallest size is the most popular. The compact size allows many parents to squeeze in a cot into the master bedroom.

Many parents think this allows them to skip buying a bassinet or other sleeping gear. This might not be true. Standard baby cots for newbotns are very affordable. Prices range from just $99.

Newborn baby cot with single handed drop gate

#2 - Cribs With Fixed Gate

Picket&Rail - Clover Convertible Baby Cot (120x60cm) Col: Mint

In the US baby cots for newborns with drop side gates are not allowed for certain safety reasons since 2008. especially hands getting caught when the side gate is lowered. It is important that such cribs have a mattress slat base that can be raised higher. Mothers who have had a caesarian operation will find it easier to reach down to pick up baby.

Many experts also advise against installing wheels for baby cots. They make the cots unstable and can cause accidents when they are leaned on. Most cots sold in the US have no wheels. You can request for us to permanently "fix" your gate or not install the wheels.

Newborn Baby Cots

#3 - Single Handed Kick Gate Crib

Picket&Rail - Clover Convertible Baby Cot (120x60cm) Col: White

Lowering the side drop gate of this newborn baby cot is easy - simply give it a gentle nudge to the bottom rail with your shin and then use one hand to pull the upper rail upward and then down. The objective of this design is to allow a parent to lower the gate while holding the baby with the other arm. This is useful when you need to pick baby from the bath to the bed. Such cots do not have wheels incorporated in the design for safety and functional reasons. For the "kick" function to work smoothly, place the cot against the wall. We always use thicker pieces of solid wood to make such cots, to provide a sturdier structure. The stiffer structure allows for smoother operation of the gate. As there is less overall structural flex.

#4 - Convertible Newborn Baby Cots

Picket&Rail - Convertible Baby Cot Costa (76x154cm) Col: White

These are new born baby cots that extend the lifespan of a crib by 2 to 4 years. You can convert the cot into a toddler bed, a small sofa, or a playard by attaching a side rail. This is a good way to be more environmentally responsible. But there is some work to be done in the conversion. Parents with good DIY skills should not find this to be a major problem however bad assembly can be dangerous. For a reasonable fee we can help you with the conversion.

#5 - Convertible Newborn Baby Cot to Single Bed

Picket&Rail - Castle Convertible Baby Cot with Trundle (195x95cm)

This baby cot converts to a full size single bed measuring 200cm x 95cm. After conversion it fits a regular standard sized single mattress (190cm x 90cm). As a baby cot this bed has a lot of easy to reach storage. This can be very useful for keeping consumables and daily gear. The sleeping area as a cot is quite large with a size of about 140cm x 90cm. The first conversion happens when baby becomes a toddler and the parent is confident that he/she won't roll off the bed. Just remove the drop side gate. The next conversion happens when the toddler gets taller. This is a more major conversion. The cot converts to a full size single bed plus a cabinet or two nightstands.

When buying such beds be sure to check the final bed size. Most other convertible cots convert to a 1.6 to 1.8m length. You will be hard pressed to find a mattress in the local market that fits. Chose one that converts to fit a 1.9m x 0.9m sized mattress.


Maxi Cosi Zelia3 All-Day Outdoor Baby Stroller (with Integrated Carrycot)

#6 - Stroller With Convertible Baby Cot

Maxi Cosi Zelia3 All-Day Outdoor Baby Stroller (with Integrated Carrycot)

The Maxi Cosi Zelia3 stroller is a versatile and practical option for parents on-the-go. One of its standout features is its ability to convert the seat into a newborn carry cot, providing a safe and comfortable spot for your little one from day one.

This convertible feature is especially convenient for parents who don't want to invest in separate newborn and stroller systems. With the Maxi Cosi Zelia3, you can save money and space without compromising on your baby's comfort and safety.

The carry cot is designed with soft and cozy fabrics that keep your newborn snug and secure. It also provides proper support for their delicate head and neck, which is essential during their early months of development. The carry cot can be attached and detached from the stroller frame with ease, making it a breeze to switch from a stroll around the neighborhood to a quick errand run.

Additionally, the stroller's seat can be reclined to multiple positions, allowing for comfortable naps or upright seating. The oversized canopy provides excellent sun protection, while the adjustable handlebar ensures a comfortable grip for parents of all heights.

The Maxi Cosi Zelia3 stroller is not only functional but also stylish. It features a sleek and modern design that comes in a range of chic colors to match your personal style. Overall, the stroller's ability to convert the seat to a newborn carry cot makes it a smart choice for parents looking for a versatile and practical option for their little one.


Maxi Cosi Iris Travel Cot - Picket&Rail

#7 - Travel Baby Cot

Maxi Cosi Iris 2-in-1 Travel Cot (0m-3y) (0-15kg)

As a parent, you want to show your little one the world. With the Maxi-Cosi Iris travel newborn baby cot, taking them with you has never been easier! Whether you’re travelling with a newborn or a toddler, you can adapt the foldable travel cot to your needs by raising or lowering the travel cot mattress base.

Planning a sleepover or going for a longer holiday? No matter which one you go for, the Iris compact travel cot is the perfect travel companion. It folds and unfolds easily and comes with a travel cot bag for easy carrying. The Iris travel cot weighs less than 6 kilos and folds super compactly, so you can easily take it anywhere that your life takes you!

Two Height Positions

The Iris travel cot and mattress are adjustable to two different positions/heights. In the highest position, you can easily put down your newborn for a nap. And when they wake, you can pick up your baby for instant cuddles, without having to bend down all the way. Once your little one learns how to sit up, switch the travel cot from a newborn travel cot to a toddler travel cot by moving the mattress to the lower position. Iris’ high sides ensure toddlers can’t climb out, while the mesh fabric on all sides of the travel cot allows you to keep an eye on your little one.

Moreover, its extra comfortable travel cot mattress makes sure your little one falls asleep in no time. Whether it’s an afternoon nap or sleeping through the night – they’ll feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud, wherever they are!

The Iris compact travel cot is the perfect combination of comfort for your little one and for you as a parent, wherever you take it! With the adjustable height you will never have to bend all the way to put your newborn down, but it still allows toddlers to be safe and sound when you move the Iris to the lower position.


 Maxi Cosi Swift 3-in-1 Bassinet, Travel Cot and Playpen

#8 - Travel Playpens As  Baby Cots

Maxi Cosi Swift 3-in-1 Bassinet, Travel Cot and Playpen (0m-3.5y) (0-15kg)

Introducing Maxi-Cosi Swift. A multi-use, stylish 3-in-1 travel cot that can be used as a newborn bassinet, a baby cot and a sturdy play pen. And at only 7 kg, it’s the lightest of its kind. With a one-second fold, Swift is quickly put up, down and up again, at home or while away.The everyday 3-in-1 travel cot.

Maxi-Cosi Swift grows with your baby from birth through to 3.5 years of age. So instead of buying three separate portable products (a bassinet, a toddler cot and a play pen), the Swift is all three, stylishly rolled into-one.

The 3-in-1 travel cot has a unique two-stage mattress which unzips to perfectly fit the bassinet, providing a smaller, cosier mattress ideal for newborns. As your baby grows, the mattress zips back together to create a larger, super-comfy space for playtime or a well-deserved nap.

At only 7 kg, the Maxi-Cosi travel cot is so light it almost floats. And with a lightning-fast, one-second fold, Maxi-Cosi Swift is easily the quickest travel cot you’ll ever put up, down and up again. Everything about Maxi-Cosi Swift is designed for speed and ease of use. Its smooth one-step fold is so quick and easy, you can even do it one-handed. There are no hidden locks that get in the way; one swift action and you can simply get on with your busy day.

Maxi Cosi Marble Isofix iSize Reclining Baby Car Seat

#9 - Car Seats As Baby Cots

Maxi Cosi Marble Isofix iSize Reclining Baby Car Seat

Your day is much better after a good night of sleep. A comfortable bed largely contributes to this. Your newborn baby deserves the same and more. The all new Maxi-Cosi Marble is the best in comfort for your baby. As babies are mostly asleep you want them to rest in the best possible way. By putting the Marble baby car seat into a 157° near lie-flat sleeping position in or outside the car, your baby experiences maximum comfort all the way. It acts like a newborn baby cot on the move.

With a dedicated ISOFIX base, Maxi-Cosi Marble lifts comfort to a whole new level as every single detail is perfectly harmonized to offer ultimate comfort. What to think of an extra padded soft baby-hugg inlay and seat fabrics or a super large sun canopy with peek-a-boo window. Within just a blink of the eye you easily switch Marble from a baby car seat into a stylish, comfy and healthy carrycot on almost all strollers.

Not all infant car seats are suitable for sleeping over a longer period.

Maxi Cosi Eva Baby Stroller - Ultra-lightweight - Picket&Rail

#10 - Stroller Are Baby Cots

Maxi-Cosi Eva Baby Stroller 0-22kg

Strollers are a form of baby cots. A chair or bed on wheels. Strollers designed for younger babies provide a near horizontal sleeping position. Only strollers that can recline to about 160 degrees are suitable for sleeping. Not all strollers are suitable for newborns. Those designed for toddlers are more of a reclined padded chair to provide baby with a clear view of the surroundings. Another unique feature of strollers that make them different from other cots are safety belts that prevent baby from falling out.

Strollers are a whole new category of products and deserve a separate conversation.

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