#1 Custom Wardrobe 1.2m-1.5m with Sliding Doors - **STARBUY** - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors #1 Custom Wardrobe 1.2m-1.5m with Sliding Doors - **STARBUY** - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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#1 Custom Wardrobe 1.2m-1.5m with Sliding Doors - **STARBUY**

  • This product can be customized for color or dimensions or configuration.
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Our sliding door and swing door wardrobes start from $999 with the following features:

  • Minimum 20 Year Lifespan
  • Scratch, Heat, Moisture Resistant. No paper foil finish
  • Warp Resistant Panels
  • Formaldehyde Free Materials
  • Anti Bend Shelf Technology
  • Solid 18mm Back Board (vs 5mm for the competition)
  • Full Height - 2.4m
  • Full Height Sliding Door - 2.4m
  • Width From 1.2m
  • Depth 60cm
  • Six Swing Doors
  • Drawer Included
  • Heavy Duty Wardrobe Bar
  • Knobs and handles Provided
  • Free Delivery And Assembly

Discover the Perfect Storage Solution: Custom Wardrobe with Unmatched Quality and Design

Material: Our Custom Wardrobe is meticulously crafted using formaldehyde-free material and engineered solid wood. This ensures not only a safe and eco-friendly choice for your home but also guarantees exceptional durability and longevity.

Customizable Length: Tailor-made to fit your space seamlessly, our Custom Wardrobe offers a customizable length ranging from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters. This allows you to optimize your storage solution and create a wardrobe that perfectly fits your room's dimensions and layout.

Industrial 4.0 Manufacture Process: With the utilization of advanced French technology and the innovative Industrial 4.0 manufacturing process, our Custom Wardrobe stands out as a pinnacle of craftsmanship. Every detail is carefully executed, resulting in impeccable construction, flawless finishing, and unrivaled quality.

High Resistance: Our Custom Wardrobe is highly resistant to moisture, scratches, and heat. This feature ensures that your wardrobe remains in pristine condition despite daily wear and tear, providing long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Strong Holding Power: Designed with strength and stability in mind, our Custom Wardrobe boasts a strong holding power. This ensures that your wardrobe can effortlessly support the weight of your belongings, eliminating concerns about sagging shelves or compromised stability.


  1. Optimal Storage: Our Custom Wardrobe offers ample storage space for your clothing, accessories, and personal items. Experience the joy of a well-organized wardrobe that brings tidiness and convenience to your daily routine.

  2. Personalized Style: With its customizable length, our Custom Wardrobe allows you to create a wardrobe that perfectly fits your space and matches your unique style. Enjoy a tailored storage solution that seamlessly integrates into your bedroom decor.

  3. Exceptional Durability: The formaldehyde-free material and engineered solid wood used in our Custom Wardrobe ensure exceptional durability, providing a long-lasting storage solution for your home. Invest in quality craftsmanship that withstands the test of time.

  4. Reliable Protection: The high resistance to moisture, scratches, and heat ensures that your wardrobe remains in pristine condition, preserving its beauty and functionality. Rest easy knowing your belongings are well-protected.

Elevate your storage experience with our Custom Wardrobe, a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and customizable design. Embrace the impeccable craftsmanship, strength, and resistance offered by this remarkable storage solution.

 Size (mm): L1200 to L1500*HT2400*D600mm
Colors: White Oak/ Matte White/ Carbon/ Grey Fabric

What is formaldehyde free board?

Picket&Rail has been at the forefront of adopting formaldehyde free manufacturing. Our custom cabinetry offerings has been formaldehyde free since 2017. More 98% of plywood and panels used in Singapore today for cabinetry are toxic. Learn more about formaldehyde free boards.

What is FF Super Engineer Wood Board?

20 years ago chipboards used to be associated with cheap furniture. The quality was poor, it had a bad reputation and it was toxic. Now with the advent of technology, engineered wood has become the future of furniture. 

  • Formaldehyde Free
  • 3 times harder than Malaysian Hevea wood
  • Lasts 20 to 30 years with normal use
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Chipping resistant

*Certain videos and images are courtesy of Suofeiya SOGAL, our business partners for Industry 4.0 Carpentry.