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Understanding Outdoor Furniture: Quality and Materials

Outdoor furniture comes in various qualities and materials, each suited to different environments and usage. To make informed choices, it's essential to understand the distinctions between lower-end and higher-end options and the benefits of materials like aluminum and resin wicker.

Lower-End Outdoor Furniture

Lower-end outdoor furniture is typically made from steel and simply painted. While this type of furniture may be cost-effective initially, it has significant drawbacks. Steel furniture tends to rust quickly in humid conditions, making it suitable only for dry climates. The durability and longevity of steel furniture are limited, often leading to the need for frequent replacements. This type of furniture might be appealing for short-term use or for areas with minimal exposure to moisture.

Aluminum Furniture: A Step Up in Quality

For better quality and longevity, aluminum furniture is a superior choice. Aluminum is inherently resistant to rust, making it ideal for various weather conditions. However, not all aluminum furniture is created equal. Different grades of aluminum offer varying levels of durability. For instance, Aluminum 6063T6 is known for its excellent outdoor longevity. The heat tempering process further enhances its strength and toughness, ensuring the furniture can withstand the elements for years.

High-quality aluminum furniture often features powder-coated paint, which not only adds vibrant color but also provides additional protection against corrosion. Our aluminum outdoor furniture is designed to last for decades, combining aesthetic appeal with durability.

The Role of Polyethylene Wicker

In addition to a solid frame, the quality of the wicker used in outdoor furniture is crucial. We use only the best polyethylene wicker, known for its durability and low maintenance. But what exactly is resin wicker?

What Is Resin Wicker?

Resin wicker, also referred to as PE wicker, plastic wicker, or synthetic wicker, is an artificial material made from high-performance polymers such as polyethylene (PE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), or PVC. HDPE wicker rattan is particularly popular due to its high strength and excellent durability in outdoor environments.

Why HDPE Wicker Is Better

  1. High Strength and Durability: High-density polyethylene provides superior properties, making the wicker hard to break, crack, and resistant to scratches and wear.
  2. UV Resistance: HDPE wicker is usually made with UV inhibitors that prevent discoloration when exposed to prolonged sunlight.
  3. Low Maintenance: HDPE wicker is resistant to stains, requiring minimal upkeep to maintain its appearance.
  4. Comfort: HDPE wicker is a higher-grade material that does not become sticky to the skin, enhancing comfort.
  5. Eco-Friendly: HDPE wicker is 100% recyclable, making it more environmentally friendly than other resin wicker materials.

Waterproof Performance

Natural rattan is not fully waterproof and can become moldy and attract bugs when exposed to humid environments. Over time, natural rattan furniture may rot and suffer structural damage without proper maintenance. In contrast, resin wicker is entirely waterproof, making it ideal for humid climates, rainy seasons, and seaside locations. PE rattan protects the furniture from mildew and bugs, even in moist environments. When the plastic rattan furniture gets wet, you can simply wipe it with a dry cloth or let it dry naturally.

Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the significant advantages of resin wicker is its low maintenance requirements. Due to its waterproof and stain-resistant properties, keeping PE rattan furniture looking good is easy. Regular cleaning involves wiping the furniture with a wet cloth, while deeper cleaning can be done by washing it with water. This resilience ensures that resin wicker can enjoy a long service life with minimal effort.

Superior Weatherproof Performance

Plastic rattan, particularly made from HDPE, offers excellent weatherproof performance. It is highly resistant to moisture, heat, UV light, rain, and even snow. With a non-porous structure and UV protective coating, it won’t easily crack, fade, or break under outdoor conditions over the long term. This makes resin wicker much more durable and suitable for outdoor use compared to natural rattan.

Materials Used in Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture can be made from natural or synthetic materials. Synthetic materials, such as polyethylene, HDPE, vinyl PVC, and nylon, are preferred for outdoor wicker furniture due to their durability and weather resistance. HDPE is particularly favored for its strength, recyclability, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Benefits of Wicker Furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture, consider factors like quality, longevity, and ability to endure changing climate conditions. Wicker furniture is a top choice for several reasons:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Wicker furniture looks great and creates a sense of luxury. Its organic texture and relaxed style seamlessly integrate with nature, enhancing the comfort and visual appeal of outdoor spaces.
  • Variety of Options: Modern wicker furniture, made from synthetic materials, offers a wide range of colors and styles, from traditional charm to sleek contemporary designs.
  • Low Maintenance: Wicker furniture requires minimal care due to its specialized coatings and natural resistance to weather and dirt. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Durability: Wicker furniture is long-lasting and timeless. The weaving technique strengthens the overall composition, resulting in durable pieces.
  • Lightweight: Wicker furniture is lightweight yet sturdy, making it easy to move and ideal for patios, terraces, and gardens.


When buying wicker furniture, aim for high-end materials like HDPE, check the quality of the weave, ensure a durable frame, and prioritize comfort. Quality wicker furniture, with its aesthetic appeal, durability, and low maintenance, is an excellent investment for any outdoor space, providing both functionality and style for years to come.