#1 Americana Solid Wood Double Decker Super Single Bunk Bed (With Pull - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors #1 Americana Solid Wood Double Decker Super Single Bunk Bed (With Pull - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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#1 Americana Solid Wood Double Decker Super Single Bunk Bed (With Pull Out Trundle Storage Option)

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Our best-selling solid wood bunk bed, a timeless choice for over 20 years! This versatile piece of furniture is designed to adapt to your changing needs. The top and bottom decks can be easily separated, transforming into two single beds whenever desired.

Product Specifications:

  • 100% Solid Hardwood construction
  • Dimensions: L210 x W113 x H172 cm
  • Color: Country Walnut
  • Made from solid Grade 'A' Malaysian Oak wood
  • This bed features an optional trundle option
  • Fabric upholstered wooden plank bed base with supporting bed slats
  • Fits Singapore standard single size mattress H190 x W107
  • Can be converted into two super single beds

To learn more about bunk bed safety, click here.

Why Get A Super Single Bunk Bed

In the quest for maximizing space without compromising on comfort, the concept of bunk beds, especially wooden super single bunk beds, emerges as a game-changer for urban dwellers. This article explores the advantages of wooden bunk beds over metal ones, underscores the importance of robust structure in super single bunk beds, and delves into the benefits of convertible bunks for city living.

#1. Wooden vs. Metal Bunk Beds: Aesthetic and Durability Advantage

Wooden bunk beds boast a natural aesthetic that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of any room. Unlike their metal counterparts, which may emit a colder, more utilitarian feel, wooden beds invoke warmth and comfort. Beyond aesthetics, wood’s durability stands up to the test of time, offering strength that is particularly necessary for supporting the wider span of super single bunk beds.

#2. The Imperative of Strong Structure in Super Single Bunk Beds

Super single bunk beds, with their wider dimensions, demand a superior structural integrity compared to normal or single bunk beds. The larger mattress size increases the leverage and forces exerted on the frame, necessitating a robust construction to ensure safety and longevity. Wooden frames, with their natural strength and ability to absorb stress without bending, are particularly suited to these demands, offering reliability where it matters most.

#3. Super Single Bunk Beds: Perfect for Urban Living

The challenge of limited space in city apartments makes super single bunk beds an ideal solution. These beds cater to the need for comfortable sleeping options without consuming the precious floor space that a traditional bed would. By going vertical, they leave more room for other essential living and storage spaces, making them a smart choice for maximizing the functionality of small urban homes.

#4. Convertible Bunk Beds: Flexibility Meets Functionality

Convertible bunk beds bring an added layer of versatility, adapting to changing needs over time. Whether it's converting from a super single bunk to separate beds or incorporating features like desks or seating spaces beneath a lofted bed, these designs offer flexibility that can evolve with your living situation. This adaptability is particularly valuable in urban settings, where the efficient use of space can have a significant impact on daily life.


In conclusion, the superiority of wooden super single bunk beds for city living cannot be overstated. Their aesthetic appeal, coupled with the necessary durability and strength for larger bed sizes, makes them an excellent choice. The essential robust structure ensures safety and longevity, while the innovative design of convertible bunk beds offers flexibility and efficiency. For those navigating the complexities of urban living, investing in a wooden super single bunk bed is a decision that pays dividends in both space and style.