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Baby Cot Convertible Companion Cabinet (BC4) Safety Precautions

It is recommended to store only small soft items above the baby cot such as tissues, wipes, soft toys, clothes, pillows, bedding, silicone items, and fabrics in the storage compartments above. 

Do not store sharp, hard or heavy objects such as scissors, nail clippers, glass bottles, and jugs in the storage compartments above, especially open shelves.

Always check to ensure that the BC4 is secured to the wall.

If you encounter any shakiness, please call us for advice or take action to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Do not organize your cabinet while your baby is in the cot below. This prevents accidental injuries and death from items falling from above.

Do not remove or place heavy objects while your baby is in the cot below. Place your baby in another safe place before organizing.

Do not place tall objects near the edges of the shelf to avoid the items toppling over. Store them behind closed shelves or remove them completely.

Use high quality, heavy-duty double-sided tape to secure hard tissue boxes, containers, and humidifiers.

Do not overfill the cabinets and shelves above as it increases the risk of items falling onto your baby.