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Free Citi or CabrioFix Car Seat (worth $349) with Eva or Lara2 Stroller Purchase

Carried 60 million babies home from hospital since 1984

Founded in the Netherlands in 1984, Maxi-Cosi launched Europe’s first baby car seat. Maxi-Cosi car seats have carried over 60 million babies home from the hospital.

Maxi-Cosi is also the only child car seat brand to have their car seats crash-tested up to 70km/h.

All you need to know when choosing your first car seat

As your bump grows, it is time to start thinking about a baby car seat. As part of your baby shopping list, your baby car seat is the most important to get right. We have bundled all the information you need, to be able to choose your baby car seat.

Let's start with the basics:

  • Did you know that it’s against the law for a baby to travel in the car without car seat? Even during that first trip home from the hospital it is not allowed;
  • A baby car seat makes you feel confident about your baby’s safety;
  • It’s recommended not to buy a second-hand car seat, but to buy a brand new one instead. This way, you’ll be 100% sure that no incidents have happened to it in the past;
  • Installing your car seat with an ISOFIX base, makes the installation of your car seat easier;
  • Maxi-Cosi offers different strollers that attach to the baby car seat, for a complete travel system.

Did You Know?

Law on Child Car Seats in Singapore

The law in Singapore requires anyone below the height of 1.35m to be secured with an appropriate restraint, booster seat or adjustable seatbelt. Those 1.35m or taller are expected to wear a seatbelt irrespective of age. Under the Road Traffic Act, drivers and passengers found not using a seatbelt or appropriate restraints could be fined up to $1,000 or jailed up to three months, or both.

Which car seat to choose?

We've simplified the choosing process for you by your child's age group.

Get This: The Ultimate 2-in-1 Baby Travel Pack

A must-buy starter baby travel pack for all new parents. Included in this bundle are our two most popular models. Great to get you started!

  • Citi Infant Carrier Car Seat (0-12 months) +
  • Eva Ultra-Compact Baby Stroller (0-5 years)

Comes with an free extended warranty from 3 to 5 years!

Maxi Cosi is the only Car Seat Brand to have a full product showroom with certified consultants.

Our Maxi-Cosi CPS Consultant will help you select the right car seat, stroller and gear. Learn from him about baby car seat features and safety tips

Free Installation

Free car seat installation @ 25 Tagore for all in-store purchases

Free Warranty Loan

During car seat/stroller repair period

Free Car Seat Fitting

Trial fitting to get the right product before purchasing

$20 Parking Redemption

Over 100 basement carpark lots for rainy days

0% Instalment Plans

Pay over 3 to 48 months from a choice of financial instituitions

Crash Tested Up To 70km/h

Exclusive Authorized Distributor

Maxi-Cosi® Official 3-Year Warranty

World's Safest Car Seat - Tested To 70 km/h

In our ultra-modern car seat test facilities, we've got everything necessary to design, build and test car seats. Our Maxi-Cosi test centres bring together the industry’s best research, design and technology to foster cutting-edge innovation of baby, toddler and children’s products. 

How do car seat crash tests work? 

Using cameras and height-specific dummies with up to 300 sensors, we can measure exactly how well our car seats will protect your child in a car crash.  To be certain we've achieved optimum levels of safety, we'll carry out up to 1,000 crash tests during the development of a car seat. We also use these child car seat crash test results to constantly evolve and improve for your peace of mind. 

Why do we use our own car seat safety tests? 

By having our own research facilities, we can run far more than the minimum crash tests required to bring a product to market. We test our car seats from the start of the development phase and through to final production. And the testing doesn't stop there. To be sure our manufacturing process is flawless, we continue to test one seat after every 5,000 that are made. This gives us and our customers, total confidence in everything we make.  

Introducing The New Kore iSize Car Seat

When you’re choosing a new car seat, it has to meet ECE R129 or R44 safety standards. If it doesn't, you'll be breaking the law and you could be putting your child in danger. Here we explain ‘what is i-Size?’ to help you to decide which is the best car seat for you.

What is i-Size? 

i-Size is a European car seat safety standard that was launched in 2013. The R129/i-Size car seat standard is the most up-to-date safety standard for car seats.  

What makes i-Size different from ECE R44? 

The older ECE R44 standard is based on the weight of your child. By contrast, i-Size is height-based.  

The guidelines on what car seat is suitable are based on a child's height. Usually parents are more aware of the height of their child than their weight. This means that i-Size makes it easier to be sure you are using the right car seat for your child. 

i-Size safety for your peace of mind 

i-Size car seats are considered to be the safest, with improved head and neck protection. That's because: 

Side-impact crash test results are assessed as part of the i-Size standard. 

i-Size safety tests are completed using advanced Q-dummies, which have more sensors than the dummies used for the R44 test.  

Your baby must travel in the very safe rear-facing position up to the minimum recommended age of 15 months. Some i-Size car seats can even be used rear-facing until your child is 105 cm tall, which is around four years old.  

Free Installation, Loan, Fitting & Testing @ 25 Tagore

Picket&Rail is the exclusive distributor for Maxi Cosi Products in Singapore. As a distributor we are responsible for marketing and sales of these products through reputable channels. If you have bought a Maxi Cosi product rest assured you are in good hands. We provide free installation services at our 25 Tagore Lane facilities. We will help you out if you face problems fitting in your car seat.

All products have a warranty for three years. Should anything go wrong you can get a loan from us while your car seat is being repaired. Our consultants have the necessary expertise to help you select the best model for your needs,

Available at these locations:


Maxi Cosi Gallery @ City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Rd, Singapore G Building S208539 | Hours: 12noon - 9pm daily. Most comprehensive Range.

Takashimaya Dept Store

Babies' Section, Level 4, 391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873 | Hours: 10am - 9.30pm

Baby&Kids Sleep&Travel Store

25 Tagore Lane, Level 2, Singapore G Building S787602 | Hours: 10am - 9pm daily

OG Albert Complex

60 Albert St, Singapore 189969 Level 3

Mummys' Market

3 Temasek Blvd, Suntec City Tower 4, #02-724 Singapore 038983 | Hours: 12noon - 9pm daily


1 Kim Seng Promenade, #02-118, Singapore 237994 | Hours: 12noon - 9pm daily

Toyota Motors @ Leng Kee

33 Leng Kee Rd, Singapore 159102 | Hours: 9am - 6pm daily

A&V @ Bedok

214 Bedok North Street 1 #01-175 Singapore 460214 | Hours: 10am - 7pm daily

You will probably buy or inherit 2 to 4 car seats for every child you have. Children have to use car seats in Singapore until their height exceeds 1.35m. That is between 10 to 14 years depending on your genetics or special needs. Your first purchase is probably an infant car seat model.
As your bump grows, it is time to start thinking about a baby car seat. As part of your baby shopping list, your baby car seat is the most important to get right. We have bundled all the information you need, to be able to choose your baby car seat.
Choosing the right car seat for your baby can be a daunting task, given the technical nature of these products. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the ten best car seats available in Singapore today. Let's delve into each model to understand their features and benefits.

Maxi-Cosi - Carried 60M Babies Home From The Hospital

Maxi-Cosi Europe's Best Baby Car Seats

Picket&Rail is the authorized distributor for Maxi-Cosi baby car seats and strollers. This includes toddler car seats, child car seats, ISOFIX car seats, car seat accessories, strollers from birth, strollers from 6 months, carrycots, infant baby carriers, double strollers, stroller accessories, rockers, highchairs and travel cots. 

Maxi-Cosi - A Brand Of Dorel Juvenile

Maxi-Cosi has over 7,000 employees across the globe. Maxi Cosi shows its care by providing parents with peace of mind and a worry-free time with their children. Dorel Juvenile’s portfolio features a diversity of brands at various price points and innovative design, supported by excellent distribution channels. With products available in more than 100 countries. They help families live carefree lives by providing them with juvenile products that rank highest in consumer reviews.

Dorel Juvenile Is Part Of Dorel Industries Inc.

Dorel Juvenile, a segment of Dorel Industries, Inc. (TSX:DII.B, DII.A) is a world class juvenile products company. Dorel Juvenile’s powerfully branded products include many global juvenile brands. They include Safety 1st, Quinny, Maxi Cosi and Tiny Love. Furthermore they are complemented by regional brands such as Cosco, Bébé Confort and Infanti. Dorel Industries Inc. has annual sales of US$2.6 billion. They employ approximately 10,000 people in facilities located in twenty-five countries worldwide.

Why Maxi-Cosi?

Maxi-Cosi uses innovative technologies to ensure the safety and comfort of children, making it a well-known brand.Some of the technologies that may be included in a Maxi-Cosi car seat include:

  1. Side Impact Protection. This technology helps to protect the head, neck, and torso of a child in the event of a side-impact collision. (SIPS)

  2. Air Protect Side Impact Technology. This technology uses air cushions to help absorb impact and reduce the risk of injury to a child in a side-impact collision.

  3. EasyFix Base. This technology allows the car seat to be easily and securely installed in a vehicle using the car's ISOFIX anchor points.

  4. One-Click Installation. This technology allows the car seat to be easily and securely installed in a vehicle using just one click.

  5. Recline Position. We use technology that allows parents to adjust the car seat to different recline positions, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for their child.

  6. Grow Together Adjustment System. This technology allows the headrest and harness to be easily adjusted as the child grows, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit at all times.

  7. Ventilation System. This technology helps to keep the child cool and comfortable by circulating air throughout the car seat. (ClimaFlow)

  8. Removable and Washable Cover. This Maxi Cosi technology allows the car seat cover to be easily removed and washed. This keeps it clean and hygienic.

  9. Ergonomic Design. This technology helps to ensure that the car seat is comfortable and supportive for the child, with contoured padding and a supportive backrest.

  10. Compatibility with Other Products. Many Maxi-Cosi car seats are compatible with other products, such as strollers, to provide a seamless and convenient travel experience for parents and children.

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