#1 4/6-Seater 1.6m Custom Textured-Top Pedestal Dining Set - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors #1 4/6-Seater 1.6m Custom Textured-Top Pedestal Dining Set - Length 160cm x Width 90cm / + 2x 1.5m Bench - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

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#1 4/6-Seater 1.6m Custom Textured-Top Pedestal Dining Set

  • This product can be customized for color or dimensions or configuration.
  • Free Furniture Warranty Upgrade from 3 to 10 years when you pay by bank transfer, PayNow or PayLah.
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Buying Guide - Step One: Choose Textured-Top Colors

  • Choose over 30+ trendy table top colors. Some colors comes in plain or textured grains. Visit us to choose, touch and feel samples for best results.
  • Textured surfaces includes marble, stone, wood grains or solid pastel colors for your top.

Buying Guide - Step Two: Choose Table Size

  • Choose between 1.6m length or 1.8m length. If you have a specific table length that you require us to custom, pay us a visit to get an instant quote. Click here to shop our 1.8m version.

Buying Guide - Step Three: Choose Seating Combinations

  • Whatever combinations listed in the website is not exhaustive. You can pay us a visit to create your very own seating combination and also choose from over 30+ chairs, benches and stools.