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Americana 1-Seater Fabric Electric Power Lift Recliner Lounge Chair #RN7066

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Product Description

  • Electric Power Lift Recliner with adjustable headrest
  • Available in fabric options
  • Dimension (cm) L80*D99*H113
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Ideal for Pregnant Women And New Mothers

For pregnant women and new mothers, finding the right furniture that offers both comfort and functionality is crucial. The Picket&Rail Electric Power Lift Recliner is designed with these specific needs in mind, offering a range of features that cater to the unique challenges of pregnancy and early motherhood. From its power lift capabilities to its plush cushioning, this recliner is a must-have for expectant and new mothers alike. Let's explore why.

#1. Ease of Use for Pregnant Women

The recliner's power lift feature provides essential assistance for pregnant women, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. It lifts you to almost standing level, making it easier to sit down or get up without straining.

#2. Post-Caesarean Care

After a caesarean section, the risk of reopening wounds is a significant concern. This recliner's gentle lifting and reclining mechanism reduce the need for painful stretching or bending, aiding in a safer, more comfortable recovery.

#3. Alleviating Pre-eclampsia Discomfort

For those suffering from pre-eclampsia, the reclining function can be a godsend. It helps ease pressure and swelling by allowing you to adjust your position effortlessly to find the most comfortable angle for relaxation and reduced strain.

#4. Nursing and Breastfeeding Support

The recliner's comfortably padded arms provide the perfect support for nursing or breastfeeding mothers. This feature ensures you can comfortably rest your elbows and hold your baby without additional strain during feeding times.

#5. Resting and Napping Convenience

With the recliner's reclining function, you can find the ideal position for resting or napping without the need to transfer to a bed. This feature is especially beneficial for new mothers catching up on sleep while staying close to their baby.

#6. Bed Rest Support for High-Risk Pregnancies

For pregnant women prescribed bed rest due to high-risk conditions, the recliner offers a comfortable alternative to lying in bed all day. Its adjustable positions help prevent bedsores and reduce the monotony of bed rest.

#7. Easy-to-Clean Fabric

The recliner's fabric is designed for easy cleaning, making it simple to remove stains such as milk and food spills. This feature is invaluable for maintaining a hygienic environment for both mother and child.

#8. Effortless Lifting and Reclining

Thanks to its electric power functions, adjusting the recliner's positions is effortless. This means you can easily switch from sitting to reclining or standing without physical strain.

#9. Convenient Handheld Remote

The inclusion of a handheld remote for controlling the recliner's functions adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to adjust your position without reaching for manual controls.

#10. Superior Comfort and Support

With plush cushions and excellent lumbar support, the recliner provides superior comfort for sitting or lying down. This support is crucial for preventing back pain and ensuring relaxation during pregnancy and postpartum recovery.


In conclusion, the Picket&Rail Power Lift Recliner offers a blend of functionality, comfort, and safety that is ideal for pregnant women and new mothers. Whether it's providing assistance after surgery, making breastfeeding more comfortable, or simply offering a cozy spot for rest, this recliner is designed to meet the needs of mothers at every stage of their journey. Investing in such a recliner can significantly enhance the comfort and well-being of expectant and new mothers alike.

Ideal For The Elderly

As we age, the need for furniture that supports our physical health and offers ease of use becomes increasingly important. The Picket&Rail Electric Power Lift Recliner is specifically designed to meet the needs of elderly individuals, providing a comfortable, safe, and convenient solution for sitting, resting, and getting up. With features tailored to assist those with limited mobility, recovering from surgery, or dealing with chronic conditions, this recliner stands out as an ideal choice. Here's why it's perfect for the elderly.

#1. Assistance in Sitting Down and Standing Up

For many elderly individuals, the simple act of sitting down or standing up can be challenging. The power lift feature of this recliner eases this process, lifting the user to almost a standing level, which minimizes strain and effort.

#2. Post-Operative and Illness Support

Recovering from an operation or illness often means needing extra care when moving. This recliner reduces the risk of wounds reopening or injuries recurring by providing a gentle way to sit up and down, crucial for a smooth recovery.

#3. Relief for Hypertension Sufferers

The recliner's ability to adjust to various positions can help ease the pressure for those suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, offering a comfortable way to relax and reduce strain on the heart and body.

#4. Comfortable Arm Support

Elderly users will appreciate the comfy armrests that provide optimal elbow support, whether reading, watching TV, or simply resting. This feature helps reduce arm fatigue and enhances overall comfort.

#5. Convenient Resting and Napping

Transitioning from sitting to napping position can be done effortlessly with the recliner's reclining function, eliminating the need to move to a bed for a rest. This is ideal for those who require frequent rests throughout the day.

#6. Support for Bed Rest Needs

Elderly individuals often require prolonged periods of bed rest, especially when dealing with risky health conditions. This recliner provides a comfortable alternative, allowing for necessary rest without being confined to a bed.

#7. Easy Cleaning

The fabric of the recliner is designed for easy cleaning, ensuring that food stains and spills can be quickly and easily removed. This feature is essential for maintaining hygiene and convenience.

#8. Effortless Lifting and Reclining

With electric power functions, the recliner allows elderly users to adjust their sitting or lying position effortlessly, making it perfect for those with limited strength or mobility.

#9. Simple Remote Control Operation

The inclusion of a handheld remote makes adjusting the recliner's settings a breeze. This is especially beneficial for users who may find manual controls difficult to manage.

#10. Unmatched Comfort and Support

The recliner's plush cushions and excellent lumbar support offer unmatched comfort, crucial for elderly users who spend significant amounts of time seated. This support is vital for preventing discomfort and promoting overall well-being.


In conclusion, the Picket&Rail Power Lift Recliner is a thoughtfully designed piece of furniture that caters to the needs of the elderly, providing them with comfort, support, and independence. Whether it's aiding in recovery, easing chronic condition symptoms, or simply offering a comfortable place to rest, this recliner is a valuable investment in the quality of life for any elderly individual.

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