#1 Cheeky Bon Bon MultiCare II Baby Mattress 70x130x12cm CK-DFKM0002B - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors #1 Cheeky Bon Bon MultiCare II Baby Mattress 70x130x12cm CK-DFKM0002B - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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#1 Cheeky Bon Bon MultiCare II Baby Mattress 70x130x12cm CK-DFKM0002B

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Product Description

This is the best mattress for your little one. We focused on necessary innovations to provide exquisite softness and luxurious comfort for your little one. We've also added features to make every busy parents' life easier. Made only from eco-friendly high quality materials, this mattress is durable and your little one will snooze on this in no time.

  • 3 types of foams are layered (eco-friendly latex, high resilience foam and memory foam) to provide maximum comfort for your little one and extend the lifespan of the mattress. 
  • Firm Latex side layer prevents suffocation and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • The mattress can be used on both sides. Flip to the latex side for a firmer and cooler feel for new-borns or during hot days for toddlers, or flip to the memory foam side when your baby is of age for a softer and warmer feel.
  • This mattress can be used up to 6 years without experiencing sinking. Quality assured with 3 Year Warranty.
  • Our eco-friendly latex is breathable and firm. This helps with new-born spine alignment. It also has natural resistance to mould and dust mites.
  • The high-resilience support foam in the middle is certified for its high quality.
  • Memory foam gently hugs the pressure points of your baby to alleviate pressure and prevents flat head syndrome. Use this side when baby is older and starting to  learn to walk.
  • Removable Tencel cover is extremely breathable, cooling, soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-static and smooth. Made from natural botanical fibers. Helps prevents suffocation and SIDS
  • Certain materials used for this mattress has natural resistance against moulds, dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria. Tencel cover wicks moisture quickly and dries fast, giving bacteria little chance to grow.
  • Simply unzip and toss the cover into the washer with your usual detergent. Easy care for your convenience. 

    Product Specifications

    • Mattress size (HxLxW): 12 x 130 x 70 cm
    • Made to last at least 6 years with proper care. No washing. No exposure to harsh sunlight.
    • Recommended for newborns and older.

    Layered Foams

    Striking a balance between firm and soft, this mattress is formulated with a latex and memory foam side for maximum support, comfort and longer use.

    Reversible Sides

    Let your new-born sleep on the cooler and firmer latex side before flipping to the warmer and softer memory foam side as they get older .

    Tencel Cover

    Naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, cooling, soft, smooth and sensitive skin-friendly. Manufactured with 0 toxins and harmful substances!


    Latex is a firm, high density, self-ventilating natural material famed for excellent support and safety for infants. It helps your newborn sleep cool.

    High Resilience Foam

    This high quality mattress foam is ideal for growing babies because it’s durable, relieves pressure points and provides ample support.

    Gentle Contours

    Memory foam provides gentle contouring comfort that’s soft and soothing for tiny bodies, reducing tossing and turning for a better night’s sleep! Good for toddlers as they experience changes in the spine.

    Easy Care

    Parents love the fuss-free and easy care features. Simply remove the cover by unzipping and toss it in the washer and the dryer. 


    Tencel’s natural quick wicking properties gives no chance for bacteria to grow. The mattress is also vacuum-packed for ultimate freshness and hygiene.

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