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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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KUKA #5371 Top Grain 3-Seater Highback Leather Sofa (Color: M5658-HL)

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Product Description:

  1. Elegantly Curved High Back: The KUKA 5371 Sofa features a gracefully curved high backrest. Its C-shaped design not only adds visual appeal but also provides excellent lumbar support. Whether you’re sitting upright or leaning back, this sofa cradles your spine in comfort.

  2. Enhanced Lumbar Comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort. The KUKA 5371 prioritizes lumbar well-being. Its thoughtfully contoured backrest ensures better lumbar support, making it an ideal choice for long hours of relaxation.

  3. Natural Wooden Legs: Crafted with care, the KUKA 5371 stands on sturdy wooden legs. The natural wood finish adds warmth and elegance to your space. These legs not only support the sofa but also enhance its overall aesthetic.

  4. Individual Seating: Designed for versatility, the KUKA 5371 Sofa features three individual seats. Each seat offers personalized comfort, allowing family members or guests to enjoy their own cozy spot.

  5. Neck-Friendly Armrest Height: Whether you’re sitting or lying down, the armrests are perfectly positioned. Their height ensures neck support, making this sofa suitable for both lounging and napping.


  • Dimensions:
    • (1-Seater): L920 x W910 x H940 mm (Seat Depth: 540 mm)
    • (2-Seater): L1650 x W910 x H940 mm (Seat Depth: 540 mm)
    • (3-Seater): L2100 x W910 x H940 mm (Seat Depth: 540 mm)
  • Material/Color: M5658/HL 

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