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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Tatami Queen Storage Bed 2-Drawer 3-Top Swing Door with Study Table & Full-Height Storage Cabinets (C13) picket and rail

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32-Feet Cabinets from S$1999

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Custom Solid Wood Dining Chair with Vegan Leather - CH2067 picket and rail

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Custom Engineered Solid Wood Textured-Top 5/7 Seater Dining Table with Bench -T6 picket and rail

Scratch & Heat resistant

Custom Carpentry Full-Height Shoe Cabinet - Maple/Grey (SC1) picket and rail

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The sofa can be considered the most aesthetically important piece of furniture in the home. It is the first piece of furniture that a you usually see when you enter a home. This article will explore the top ten different types sofas you should consider.
Discover the unparalleled excellence of Picket&Rail's tatami storage beds, proudly acclaimed as the best in Singapore and quite possibly the world. Unlike the risky and disorganized crocodile-style storage beds prevalent in the market, our beds prioritize safety and functionality. Say goodbye to potential dangers associated with hydraulic lifts that can pose serious risks to young children and delicate individuals. 
It is common to find at least 1 recliner in every home now! With so many choices in the market, what are your available options? Picket&Rail has summarised the top 10 best recliners and incliners in Singapore that you can buy according to your needs.
The centre of family life happens more at the dining table than anywhere else in a typical home. The dining furniture in any home must be practical and yet reflect your lifestyle and tastes. As Singapore's No. 1 Solid Wood retailer, we have shortlisted the top 10 types of dining furniture that fits all homes of various square footage.
While it's common sense that bunk beds should be safe before use, approximately 36,000 bunk-related injuries happen to children every year in the United States, according to Nationwide Children's Hospital. Most such injuries are from falls while sleeping or playing, which means they probably could have been prevented if safety precautions had been followed. Optimal safety involves not only ensuring that the bed is structurally sound and free from hazards, but that children are instructed on proper bunk use. In other words, jumping on the top bunk is not a good idea, nor should several kids hang out on the top bunk at the same time.
The bedroom is your sanctuary, and a good bed frame is a must for restful sleep. Our solid wood beds are classic and come in various designs for all sizes of home and for every generation. Read on to see which bed is the one for you!
Dining tables play a crucial role in small apartments in multi cultural Singapore. Serving as versatile and space-saving solutions that enhance both functionality and aesthetics. In our compact island every square inch matters. Having a dedicated dining table becomes essential for optimizing space utilization. Creating a comfortable area for meals, and fostering social interactions in part of our Asian culture. So let's explore why dining tables are so important in small apartments in this country.
New homes in Singapore are getting tinier, so every nook and cranny matters. Even though we embrace "small home living", it can be hard to organize and compartmentalize everything, especially when there is children! Read to get some ideas on how you can make do with more without compromising on aesthetics and space with beautiful, high quality furniture.
When it comes to optimizing storage and maintaining an organized space in your Singaporean home, custom shoe cabinets offer a practical and stylish solution. With the increasing trend of narrow entryways in new HDB flats and condominiums, finding a suitable storage solution for your shoe collection can be a challenge.