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Top 10 Best Bed Frames to Buy in 2023

The bedroom is your sanctuary, and a good bed frame is a must for restful sleep. It's the largest piece of furniture in the room and takes up quite a bit of space, but there are ways to maximise your storage without sacrificing aesthetics and durability while getting the most bang for your buck. Our solid wood beds are classic and come in various designs for all sizes of home and for every generation. Read on to see which bed frame is the one for you to buy!

#1 - The Open Base Solid Wood Bed Bestseller

MISSION XII Solid Wood Queen Bed

This design is still our bestseller after opening our store decades ago. Customers love the simple picket headboard design reminiscent of great American furniture craftsmanship in the early 1900s.

Its slim profile with straight vertical and horizontal lines withstands the test of time and remains a classic. Made from Grade A Malaysian Oak, its durability is strengthened by supporting pillars in the middle and reinforced nut and screw joints. Have a piece of history in your bedroom with the Mission XII bed! A good bed frame to buy for sure.

Tatami Storage Bed with 6-Doors

#2 - Ideal Tiny Home Bed Choice

Tatami Storage Bed with 6-Doors

Apartments are getting smaller and expensive. Maximise the space available in your home by buying the Original Tatami Storage bed. It has up to 888 litres of storage and all compartmentalized neatly for your convenience! Its more than just a bed frame. It has unbelievable storage.

Made from strong super-engineered scratch-proof, waterproof and heat resistant wood, this bed will look great in the years to come. There's also an option to add on soft-close mechanism to avoid loud slamming noises. We designed it to sit on a raised base for a premium, fully finished look found only in luxury furniture.

ASHTON Solid Wood Platform Queen Bed

#3 - All Within Arm's Reach

ASHTON Solid Wood Platform Queen Bed

Want all your bedding, blankets, pillows, necessities and more within arm's reach? The ASHTON Platform Queen Bed has 6 whopping drawers in total, with 3 on each side. Fitted with quality hardware and soft-close mechanism, the drawer operations are smooth and will last for longer.

The solid wood platform base wrapped in fabric protects your mattress from sinking and all your items kept in order. If you're a wood lover, its large headboard will steal your attention every time you walk into the room.

NORYA Beds Walnut/Oak Solid Wood with Leather

#4 - Longer 2m Beds for Taller People

NORYA Beds Walnut/Oak Solid Wood with Leather

The number #1 tall people problem: trouble finding a bed frame that suits your height. Asian standard sizes simply do not fit. The solution to your search ends here - the NORYA Solid Wood American Walnut with Leather bed fits a 2m long mattress, letting you stretch and rest your limbs comfortably. No more curling up in bed and sore muscles!

NORYA is our premium range of furniture, famed for its full finish in true European wood on all sides. Get matching furniture to go with your bed, from modular wardrobes to nightstands, you can customize everything to make it your sanctuary. You won't regret buying this bed frame.

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#5 - Safest Triple Bunk Bed Islandwide

AMERICANA Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed

A family that sleeps together stays together. The top standard single bunk for your kid while parents can rest peacefully on the bottom standard queen bunk, with a trundle add-on option for more storage space or an extra mattress. Made to US/EU safety standards, the solid Malaysian oak is durable and sturdy, plus the top bunk can convert into a single bed once your kid is all grown up.

Many new parents love this because it's an economical 2-in-1. It's the most sustainable choice because this bunk bed converts and can be used for up to 18 years. Very space saving for small apartments!

Get a look, feel and test it out at Picket&Rail @ 35 Senang Crescent today!

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#6 - Home Based Learning Made Easy

DAKOTA Solid Wood Super Single Bed with Study Desk

This is designed specially for today's students, with many features neatly tucked into this bed. Behind the headboard there's space for phones, tablets and stationary essential for learning; while the footrest has a flip out desk for focusing on homework. The desk measures 35cm in width and 90cm in length, enough to fit a laptop, notebooks, textbooks and more.

There's option to add on storage drawers as well to fit in more things and keep in arm's reach. Kids need their own space to thrive and be independent. When everybody crowds in the common area, it's easy to be distracted and they can easily lose focus. Buying such a bed frame helps a child in getting organised.

#7 - For The Storage Organisation Freak

Tatami Queen Storage Bed 4-Drawer 3-Top Swing Door with Integrated Headboard & Two Nightstands

Get this tatami drawer storage bed with a storage headboard. Besides fantastic storage this platform is ideal for big, thick and heavy mattresses so that you won't have to sumo wrestle your way to get your things. 

The set-in drawers are fitted with the world's quietest hardware so you won't disturb your partner who's fast asleep. An elegant design with attention to detail that you can't find elsewhere.

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#8 - Space Smart & Independent

AMERICANA Solid Wood Study Loft Bunk Bed

Research opines that when kids have their own space, their learning and developmental skills surpass their peers. This study loft bed is great to cultivate independence at a young age, and provide some privacy if they are sharing a room with their sibling. Under the bed there is a desk and a 4-tier shelf that is also a ladder. Each tier is reinforced with 2 pieces of solid wood and it is designed according to US/EU safety standards.

This loft style bunk bed is suitable for schooling children as they soak up knowledge and form opinions about their environment. It reduces the amount of furniture needed as it is a 2-in-1. A practical piece that all parents love.

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#9 - Low Bunk For Easy Supervision

BROOKLYN Solid Wood Low Bunk Bed

Built around eye level at 135cm, this bed is convenient for parents to supervise their kids while they sleep or play on this bed. A standard bunk bed might be too big and dangerous for adventurous kids, so this is a great alternative as it's closer to the ground. This model is also more compact, great for small rooms and easier to dismantle when your kids grow out of it.

All the same great benefits as our bunk beds in a small package. This bunk bed comes with a 3 year structural warranty. Visit Picket&Rail @ 35 Senang Crescent and discover how to upgrade to a 10 year warranty for free.

Custom Kids & Toddler Tatami Storage Bed

#10 - Toddlers Need To Learn Organisation

Custom Kids & Toddler Tatami Storage Bed

Picket&Rail offers custom toddler beds with storage underneath, providing a practical and space-saving solution for your child's room. These beds are designed with the needs of growing children in mind, allowing for easy access to their belongings while maximizing floor space. In addition to their functionality, these beds come in a variety of bright and fun colors, adding a playful touch to your child's bedroom decor.

Picket&Rail takes safety seriously and ensures that their toddler beds are made from formaldehyde-free materials, providing a healthy and non-toxic sleeping environment for your little one. With plenty of designs to choose from, you can find the perfect custom toddler bed that combines functionality, style, and safety, creating a cozy and inviting space for your child to rest and play.

#11 Floating Low Platform Queen/King Bed - New

Floating Low Platform Queen/King Bed - New

We have added a new model to our top ten as a very honorable mention. This is fast becoming one of our all time greats. Affordable and of very high quality. What's more it can be customized to 40 diffent colors. You can even mix the colors. There is also the option to add LED lights if you want something more fancy.

Made from engineered wood that is three times stronger than solid wood. It is also formaldehyde free. Making it safe for children, young adults and sensitive people that have allergies.

It might hit number one in a couple of weeks.

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