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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Inkagu's Supakuru Mattress Design Architecture and Engineering Philosophy

How did Inkagu manage to create a mattress that does so much but cost so much less?

#1 We took a 4 layered approach:

Our mattress design incorporates a unique 4-layered approach, each layer focused on a specific function to provide optimal comfort and support for the Asian human population. The first layer is the Non-Flex Platform Zone, which provides a stable foundation for the mattress. Next, we have the Base Isolation Spring Zone, designed to isolate motion and reduce disturbances. The third layer is the Eurotop Body Contour Support Zone, which contours to the body's shape, providing targeted support where needed. Finally, we have the Pillow Top Comfort Zone, offering a plush and luxurious feel. Each layered zone is further enhanced with sub-layers and subsystems, meticulously crafted to fine-tune the technology for an exceptional sleeping experience.

#2 We tested hundreds of mattress material combinations:

To ensure the utmost quality and comfort, we conducted extensive testing with a diverse group of individuals, including people of different shapes, sizes, and sleeping preferences. Our tests involved couples and individuals of both sexes, allowing us to gather valuable feedback and insights. By rigorously evaluating numerous material combinations, we were able to identify the optimal blend of materials that would deliver superior comfort and support for a wide range of sleepers.

#3 We designed a flexible dual zone spring isolation base system:

One of our key innovations is the incorporation of a flexible dual zone spring isolation base system. Combined with upper foam layers, this system is particularly well-suited for side sleepers and those suffering from chronic shoulder or arm pain. The flexibility of the springs, along with the strategic arrangement of foam layers, allows for targeted pressure relief and proper spinal alignment, promoting a more comfortable and restorative sleep experience.

#4 We hired the best engineers and gurus:

To bring our vision to life, we assembled a team of highly skilled engineers and industry experts. We handpicked individuals who possess extensive knowledge and experience in mattress design and technology. With their expertise and dedication, we were able to create a mattress that surpasses industry standards and meets the unique needs of our customers. By partnering with top talents, we ensured that our product would embody the highest levels of craftsmanship and innovation.

#5 We used the latest foam technology:

Our commitment to innovation led us to incorporate the latest foam technology into our mattress design. We utilized open pore foam technology, which maximizes heat dissipation and breathability. This feature is especially crucial for tropical climates and hot summers, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep environment. Additionally, we selected high-quality resilient foams that retain their shape and integrity over time. Our unique compression machine allows us to compress the mattress without compromising its structural integrity, ensuring even distribution of pressure and support across the entire sleeping surface.

#6 We use the best materials:

At the core of our mattress is our proprietary "Double Tempered Carbon Spring Technology." This technology, developed in-house, significantly reduces sagging and minimizes spring height loss over time. It forms the foundation of our Support Zone, delivering exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. By utilizing superior materials and manufacturing techniques, we have created a mattress that maintains its shape and support for years to come.

#7 Individual Pocketed Springs for Partner Movement Isolation:

To address the issue of partner disturbance during sleep, we incorporated individual pocketed springs into our mattress design. This proven technology ensures that movement on one side of the bed does not transfer to the other side, allowing each sleeper to enjoy undisturbed rest. By isolating motion, our mattress promotes a peaceful sleep environment and enhances overall sleep quality.

#8 This outer zone spring guard allows our Sleepers to maximize the use of the mattress area:

We understand the importance of maximizing the usable surface area of a mattress. Therefore, we integrated an outer zone spring guard, which not only protects the inner zone spring system but also prevents edge roll-off. This innovative feature enables sleepers to utilize the entire mattress surface, providing a consistent level of support and comfort from edge to edge. Additionally, special fabrics on the sides of the mattress contribute to heat dissipation, enhancing breathability and ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep.

#9 Cool Fabric:

For the top layer of our mattress, we utilize Supakuru knitted fabric. This advanced fabric technology aids in heat dissipation and accelerates moisture evaporation, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable throughout the night. In our latest model, the Shin Ju III, we have incorporated Supakuru II technology with hollow fiber fabric. The hollow fibers enhance the wicking action, drawing perspiration away from the body more quickly, and further enhancing the cooling properties of the mattress.

#10 Keeping the mattress cool is only possible because of the overall architecture:

Maintaining a cool sleep surface is a critical aspect of our mattress design, and it is achieved through the thoughtful and systematic architecture of the entire mattress. From the selection of materials to the strategic layering and incorporation of heat-dissipating technologies, every element is carefully orchestrated to facilitate optimal temperature regulation. By effectively transferring heat away from the sleep surface, our mattress ensures a cool and refreshing sleep experience, even in the warmest climates.


Each of these ten points represents a crucial aspect of our mattress design, illustrating our commitment to providing a sleep solution that prioritizes comfort, support, and temperature regulation. Through rigorous testing, innovative technologies, and the expertise of our team, we have crafted a mattress that addresses the diverse needs of sleepers and promotes restful nights and rejuvenated mornings.

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