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What are the standard sizes of mattresses in Singapore?

In Singapore, the standard sizes of mattresses typically follow certain international standards. The most common mattress sizes are as follows:

1. Single: 91 cm × 190 cm (36 in × 75 in)

Single mattresses are designed for individual sleepers, usually children or adults who prefer a narrower sleeping surface.

2. Super Single: 107 cm × 190 cm (42 in × 75 in)

Super Single mattresses are slightly wider than single mattresses, providing additional space for more comfort.

3. Queen: 152 cm × 190 cm (60 in × 75 in)

Queen mattresses are a popular choice for couples or individuals who prefer more sleeping space. They are wider than single and super single mattresses.

4. King: 183 cm × 190 cm (72 in × 75 in)

King mattresses are the largest standard size available in Singapore. They provide ample space for couples who prefer extra room or individuals who enjoy a spacious sleeping surface.

5. Tall Beds: 200cm Depth

These longer or deeper mattresses are getting more common as the population gets taller. Many major brands do carry such sizes.

Norya Tall Bed Frames 2M depth vs 1.9M standard

Feature: Norya bed frames are available with 2m depth

Important Note

It's worth noting that there can be variations of 1 to 2cm in mattress sizes among different brands and models, so it's always a good idea to confirm the exact measurements when purchasing a mattress. Usually these differences are minor and should not affect your choices. A difference of 5 cm of more is considered non standard any more.

All Picket&Rail bed frames can accommodate the appropriate sizes

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