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Replace Your Heavy Curtains With UniSlat

Light and Soft Texture

WinUs UniSlat® Smart Curtains are produced with high quality lightweight fabric that uses a complex ombre yarn weave. They are proven to retain their colours for over 10 years after withstanding intensive UV exposure. 

Each piece of curtain has a sheer panel to filter harsh light and two opaque panels sewed to its side to block out the sunlight.

Tilting Vanes

WinUs pioneered an innovative child safe method to control blinds. With a simple twist of the wand, the vanes are angled in a certain direction for precise light, privacy and scenery control. 

Unlike long, beady, messy cords, this rod is safe for pets and children who might spoil or choke on the hazardous strings.

Individual Separated Vanes

Standard heavy drapes or curtains come in a big piece of fabric that is hard to maneuver and maintain when dirty. To circumvent this issue,WinUs UniSlat® Smart Curtains consist of separated vanes of fabric neatly installed on a single track.

With its innovative sheer and opaque fabric combination, you get 2 types of curtains in 1 and they’re easy to maintain! Simply remove the dirtied vane and toss it in the washer to hang dry.

Mix & Match Colours & Patterns

WinUs UniSlat® Smart Curtains are fully customizable to your preferences. We carry a total of 7 colours and designs which you can mix and match to your desired style. Plus, if you’re changing the interior design of your home and need a curtain update, simply switch fabrics and you’ll have a whole new look.

It is the most economical choice in the market and eco-friendly too as you’re reducing waste.

Practical & Easy to Maintain

The star ingredient of theWinUs UniSlat® Smart Curtains is the anti-pollution coating that successfully blocks 99% of UVA rays entering your home and is over 60% effective at blocking out dust. Essentially these curtains can go untouched for 5 years and not require any washing!

Furthermore, it is infused with an antimicrobial agent that blocks up to 99% of bacteria, mould and virus. There will be no cloth-eating insects in your home!

If you’re in the mood for a total spring clean, the curtains are easy to wash. Simply dismantle the curtain vanes that have been stained and throw it in the machine, then hang dry. Since they’re individually clipped, you don’t have to toil all day washing and installing large pieces of fabric.

Memorized shape

Just like a spring, theWinUs UniSlat® Smart Curtainspreserves its shape and recovers into its original form. This poses no issues for washing, drying, tangling, folding and more, maintaining its elegance as the day it was purchased.

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