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New Combi Blinds Features

Design New Combi

We present our latest innovation, the "New Combi" blinds design, which breaks away from the conventional horizontal vanes and introduces a refreshing array of creative options. While most Combi blinds in the market may seem monotonous, our new designs incorporate stars, circles, and geometric patterns in vibrant colors, infusing your living spaces with a dynamic sense of liveliness and creativity.

#1. A Departure from Conventional Designs

Traditional Combi blinds often feature horizontal vanes, which, though functional, can be perceived as mundane and repetitive. Recognizing the need for a change, we have carefully crafted a range of distinct and exciting designs to cater to your unique preferences and style.

#2. Embrace the Stellar Beauty of Stars

Our New Combi blinds now include a stunning star design that brings the night sky into your home. The delicate arrangement of stars across the fabric adds a touch of celestial wonder to any room. With these blinds, you can indulge in a serene ambiance, reminiscent of a peaceful night under the stars.

#3. Emphasize Whimsical Elegance with Circular Patterns

For those seeking a touch of whimsy and elegance, our circular pattern design is the perfect choice. The carefully arranged circles create a sense of movement and playfulness while maintaining a sophisticated appeal. These blinds offer a seamless blend of charm and grace to elevate your interior decor.

#4. Unleash the Power of Geometric Designs

Geometric patterns have a timeless appeal that never goes out of style. Our New Combi blinds feature a variety of geometric designs, from bold and sharp angles to gentle and flowing curves. These patterns add a touch of modernity and sophistication to your living spaces, making a bold statement without overwhelming the overall decor.

#5. Infuse Vibrant Colors for a Lively Ambiance

To ensure your living spaces exude energy and vibrancy, we have carefully chosen a palette of vivid colors for our New Combi blinds. Whether you opt for the star, circle, or geometric design, the colors will brighten up your place and breathe new life into the atmosphere.


With our New Combi blinds, you no longer have to settle for conventional and uninspiring window treatments. Embrace the artistic spirit and creativity with our star, circle, and geometric designs, carefully crafted to elevate the ambiance of your home or office. The combination of innovative designs and vibrant colors ensures a lively and refreshing atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who steps into your space. Upgrade to the New Combi blinds today and transform your living areas into vibrant havens of style and creativity.

New Combi Digital Printing

We will explore the exciting features of the New Combi Blinds with Digital Printing, a revolutionary system that ensures perfect image matching even when the blind is rolled up. Unlike Regular Combi blinds, the New Combi system has been designed to precisely align the fabric halves, allowing for seamless image continuity. Moreover, we take pride in our patented formula (10-0866344) for Korea, which guarantees long-lasting color vibrancy and prevents fading of the blind materials over time. Let's delve into the various image types available, including Two Tone Shade, Graphic Design, and Real-life Image Print.

#1. Perfect Image Matching with New Combi Blinds

Traditionally, with Regular Combi blinds, a common issue was that the image on the fabric did not match when the blind was rolled up. This inconvenience posed a challenge for those who sought continuous and coherent designs. However, with the introduction of the New Combi Blinds, this problem has been effectively addressed. By cutting the fabric in half with precision, the New Combi system enables seamless image matching even when the blind is in its rolled-up position. This innovative solution ensures that the beauty of the design remains consistent and visually appealing at all times.

#2. Long-lasting Color Fastness with Patented Formula

One of the key features that sets our New Combi Blinds apart is the incorporation of a patented formula (10-0866344) for Korea. This formula is specially designed to preserve the colors of our blind materials for an extended period, thereby preventing fading and maintaining the vibrancy of the images printed on the blinds. With our New Combi Blinds, customers can rest assured that their chosen designs will retain their brilliance, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of their living or working spaces for years to come.

#3. A Plethora of Image Types to Choose From

We understand that every customer has unique preferences when it comes to their interior decor. To cater to diverse tastes, we offer a wide range of image types for our New Combi Blinds:

Two Tone Shade

The Two Tone Shade option provides a subtle yet elegant design that complements various interior styles. With its balanced combination of two complementary tones, this image type adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Graphic Design

For those seeking bold and visually striking blinds, the Graphic Design option is an excellent choice. These blinds boast captivating patterns and designs that serve as eye-catching focal points, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

Real-life Image Print

The Real-life Image Print option allows customers to bring their favorite sceneries, landscapes, or cherished memories into their living spaces. This option captures intricate details and reproduces them with astonishing clarity, creating a unique and personalized touch to the interior decor.


In conclusion, the New Combi Blinds with Digital Printing offer an unparalleled solution for those who value both aesthetic appeal and functionality in their window treatments. The ability to achieve perfect image matching when rolled up, combined with the long-lasting color vibrancy through our patented formula, makes these blinds an excellent choice for any home or office. Moreover, the variety of image types available ensures that customers can find the perfect design to suit their individual tastes and preferences. Upgrade your interior decor with the innovative and stylish New Combi Blinds today!

Laser New Combi

Introducing the revolutionary "Laser New Combi" blind, where exquisite designs created through laser cutting techniques are seamlessly incorporated. Combi Laser blinds are crafted using new and innovative materials, elevating the concept of window treatments to new heights. By replacing the sheer parts of traditional Combi blinds with precision laser-punched designs, we present a stunning fusion of functionality and artistic elegance. These custom-made blinds come with the added benefit of a small Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), allowing you to adorn your place with beauty and sophistication.

#1. Laser-Cut Designs for Unmatched Elegance

In the pursuit of unrivaled elegance and sophistication, we employ laser cutting technology to create intricate and refined designs for our Laser New Combi blinds. This cutting-edge approach ensures that every detail is meticulously crafted, resulting in blinds that exude a sense of artistic finesse.

#2. Innovative Fabric and Material

Combi Laser blinds feature a fabric made from new and innovative materials. These materials are carefully selected for their durability, texture, and ability to showcase the laser-cut designs beautifully. The combination of advanced materials and laser craftsmanship results in blinds that not only serve their purpose effectively but also stand as exquisite works of art.

#3. Laser Punched Designs for Sheer Replacement

Say goodbye to traditional sheer parts in Combi blinds, and welcome the enchantment of laser-punched designs. Each design element is intricately cut through precise laser technology, allowing light to create mesmerizing patterns and reflections. Combi Laser blinds not only control the amount of light entering your space but also transform your windows into captivating focal points.

#4. The Versatility of New Combi Components

The Laser New Combi blinds are built on the foundation of our innovative New Combi components. These components offer a wide array of possibilities, allowing you to choose from various designs that suit your style and preferences. The flexibility of these components ensures that your blinds are a true reflection of your individuality and taste.

#5. Custom-Made with Small MOQ

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to providing custom-made Laser New Combi blinds. Whether you seek a specific design or have a unique window dimension, our team is dedicated to tailoring the perfect solution for your needs. Additionally, we offer a small Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), ensuring that you can enjoy the beauty of these blinds without any unnecessary constraints.

#6. Elevate Your Space with Brilliance

In conclusion, the Laser New Combi blinds offer a brilliant and innovative way to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living or working space. Embrace the marriage of laser-cut designs, new materials, and the versatility of New Combi components to create an ambiance of unparalleled beauty and elegance. Let the play of light and artistry enchant your surroundings and make a statement that is uniquely yours. Upgrade to the Laser New Combi blinds and transform your place into a haven of sophistication and charm.

New Combi (Black-out)

Introducing the innovative "New Combi (Black-out)" system, a product designed to provide superior light-blocking capabilities using black-out fabric. This unique system incorporates a Pentagon shape bottom bar, which significantly narrows the gap between the fabric, thereby enhancing its light-blocking efficiency. With the New Combi (Black-out), you can achieve an excellent light-blocking effect comparable to that of a black-out roll screen.

#2. Enhanced Light-Blocking with Black-out Fabric

The primary feature that sets the New Combi (Black-out) system apart is its use of high-quality black-out fabric. This specialized fabric is engineered to prevent any external light from penetrating, ensuring a dark and comfortable interior space. Whether it's the bright rays of the sun or intrusive streetlights at night, you can rely on the New Combi (Black-out) to create the perfect environment for relaxation and undisturbed sleep.

#3. Pentagon Shape Bottom Bar for Optimal Light Blocking

To maximize the light-blocking capabilities of the New Combi (Black-out), we have integrated a Pentagon shape bottom bar into the design. This unique choice of shape significantly reduces the space between the fabric and the window sill, leaving little room for light to seep through. The result is a more efficient light-blocking system that ensures a darker and more private atmosphere in your living or sleeping spaces.

#4. The Versatility of New Combi System

While the New Combi (Black-out) excels in its light-blocking capabilities, it is essential to highlight the versatility of the New Combi system itself. With the New Combi, you can effortlessly adjust the blinds to control the amount of natural light entering your room. Enjoy the perfect balance of privacy and illumination as you adapt the blinds to your preferred position.

#5. The Equivalence to Black-out Roll Screens

With the New Combi (Black-out) system, you no longer need to choose between different types of window coverings. By utilizing black-out combi fabric and the Pentagon shape bottom bar, we have achieved a level of light-blocking effectiveness that rivals that of black-out roll screens. You can now enjoy the benefits of both systems in one elegant and efficient solution.


In conclusion, the New Combi (Black-out) system represents the epitome of light-blocking excellence. Its use of black-out fabric and the ingenious Pentagon shape bottom bar work in tandem to provide a superior light-blocking experience. With the New Combi (Black-out), you can create a serene and private environment, free from the disturbances of external light sources. Embrace the convenience and versatility of the New Combi system while enjoying the same level of light-blocking efficiency as a black-out roll screen. Upgrade to the New Combi (Black-out) and transform your living spaces into tranquil havens of comfort and relaxation.

Bottom Bar Difference Between Regular And New Combi Blinds

In this article, we will explore the primary difference between the bottom bars used in Regular Combi and the New Combi system. The bottom bar is a crucial component of these blinds, as it determines the level of light-blocking and overall functionality. We will specifically focus on the shape of the bottom bars and how it impacts the gap between the fabric in each system.

#1. Regular Combi: U Shape Bottom Bar and Fabric Gap

Traditional Regular Combi blinds utilize a U-shaped bottom bar. While these blinds are effective in providing basic light control and privacy, they do have a notable drawback. The U-shaped bottom bar creates a gap between the two pieces of fabric when the blinds are fully closed. This gap allows some external light to filter through, reducing the blinds' ability to block out sunlight and maintain complete privacy.

#2. New Combi System: Pentagon Shape Bottom Bar and No Fabric Gap

In contrast, the New Combi system introduces a significant improvement by utilizing a Pentagon shape bottom bar. This unique design addresses the issue of the fabric gap found in Regular Combi blinds. The Pentagon shape bottom bar effectively narrows the space between the two pieces of fabric, leaving little to no gap when the blinds are fully closed. As a result, the New Combi system provides a much higher level of light-blocking efficiency and improved privacy compared to Regular Combi blinds.

#3. Enhanced Light-Blocking and Privacy

The absence of a fabric gap in the New Combi system ensures that external light sources are significantly minimized when the blinds are fully closed. This enhanced light-blocking capability creates a darker and more comfortable interior space, perfect for restful sleep and relaxation. Additionally, the reduced gap enhances privacy, making the New Combi system an excellent choice for areas where privacy is a priority.

Effectiveness Of Light Blockage

In this article, we will explore the second key difference between Regular Combi and the New Combi system, specifically focusing on their effectiveness in blocking light. The level of light-blocking is a critical aspect when choosing window treatments, as it directly affects the ambiance and privacy of your living spaces.

#1. Regular Combi: Glimmer Between Opaque Parts

Regular Combi blinds, while providing some degree of light control, may have a noticeable drawback when it comes to blocking light completely. Even when the vanes of Regular Combi blinds are closed, there might still be a faint glimmer of light visible between the opaque parts of the blinds. This glimmer can be a distraction and might not fully create the dark environment desired for certain activities, such as sleeping or watching movies.

#2. New Combi System: Enhanced Light-Blocking

The New Combi system offers a significant improvement in light-blocking effectiveness. As mentioned earlier, the New Combi system utilizes a Pentagon shape bottom bar, which plays a crucial role in narrowing the gap between the two pieces of fabric when the blinds are closed. Due to this design, the New Combi system can achieve an excellent effect of blocking light, even in spaces where complete darkness is required.

#3. The Role of Black-out Combi Fabric

To further enhance the light-blocking capabilities of the New Combi system, it can be paired with black-out combi fabric. The black-out combi fabric is specifically designed to prevent any external light from penetrating, ensuring that your living spaces remain dark and comfortable. By combining the Pentagon shape bottom bar and black-out combi fabric, the New Combi system can offer a light-blocking performance equivalent to that of a black-out roll screen.

#4. Versatility and Functionality

One of the primary advantages of the New Combi system is its versatility. It provides a balance between maintaining privacy, controlling the amount of natural light entering the room, and achieving an environment of complete darkness when needed. This versatility makes the New Combi system an ideal choice for various rooms and purposes, offering convenience and functionality in a single window treatment solution.

Managing Obstructions In The Middle Of The Window

In this article, we will explore the third significant difference between Regular Combi and the New Combi system, specifically related to their behavior when encountering obstructions in the middle of the window. The ability to handle obstructions is an important aspect of window treatments, as it affects both functionality and aesthetics.

#1. Regular Combi: Challenges with Obstructions

Regular Combi blinds face challenges when encountering obstructions in the middle of the window. If an obstruction, such as a handle or latch, is present, attempting to force the vanes to close might result in difficulties and potentially damage the shape of the blinds. In such cases, the vanes may not close perfectly, leaving gaps or uneven sections, compromising the overall appearance and light-blocking efficiency.

#2. New Combi System: Smooth Handling of Obstructions

The New Combi system overcomes the limitations of Regular Combi when dealing with obstructions in the middle of the window. Thanks to its innovative design and the use of a Pentagon shape bottom bar, the New Combi system can be smoothly closed, regardless of the presence of an obstruction. The flexibility of the New Combi system allows it to adapt to various positions, ensuring seamless opening and closing of the blinds without any damage or compromise to their shape.

#3. Optimal Functionality and Aesthetics

The ability to handle obstructions seamlessly in any position makes the New Combi system a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing window treatment. This feature adds to the versatility of the New Combi system, making it suitable for a wide range of window configurations and room layouts. Whether there are handles, latches, or any other obstructions in the middle of the window, the New Combi system can effortlessly maintain its elegant appearance and excellent light-blocking performance.

#4. Customer Convenience

The New Combi system's smooth handling of obstructions also translates into enhanced customer convenience. Users no longer need to worry about forcing the vanes to close or adjusting the blinds manually to accommodate obstacles. With the New Combi system, the blinds effortlessly adapt to the window's surroundings, providing a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for users.

Image Printing Issues Solved And Eliminating Long Cord Movement 

We will explore the fourth significant difference between Regular Combi and the New Combi system, specifically regarding the possibility of printing images on the blinds. The ability to print images on blinds adds a unique and personalized touch to interior decor, making it an essential consideration for many customers.

#1. Regular Combi: Challenges with Image Printing

Regular Combi blinds use a single head tube, and one piece of fabric is moved back and forth over it during operation. This operation often results in the fabric and mesh crossing over each other, leading to a dizzying effect for some users. Additionally, the single piece of fabric used in Regular Combi means that any bent or damaged fabric cannot be utilized, resulting in wastage of resources.Furthermore, the long cord movement required to operate Regular Combi blinds can be inconvenient and cumbersome, especially for larger blinds.

#2. New Combi System: Perfect Image Printing

The New Combi system presents a significant improvement in the possibility of printing images on the blinds. This system utilizes two separate tubes to roll two fabrics, one on each tube. This design allows for the perfect matching of the two fabrics when closed, creating a seamless image without any gaps or overlaps. The use of two separate tubes also eliminates the issue of fabric and mesh crossing over each other during operation, ensuring a visually pleasing experience for users.

#3. Eco-Friendly and Resourceful

Another advantage of the New Combi system is its eco-friendliness and resourcefulness. Since two separate fabrics are used and rolled on each tube, the system avoids discarding the remaining fabric, even if one piece is damaged or bent. This approach minimizes waste and makes the New Combi system an environmentally conscious choice.

#4. Enhanced User Experience

The New Combi system's ability to print images and provide a seamless experience enhances the overall user experience. Customers can now personalize their blinds with custom images, patterns, or designs that match their interior decor perfectly. The elimination of fabric wastage and the smooth operation of the blinds contribute to customer satisfaction and convenience.