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Is Your Child Ready For A Booster Seat?

When children are approximately four years old, the time has arrived for them to move into a booster seat – but which of the many booster seats available is right for them?

Booster seats are a popular choice for Australian families and the next exciting stage in your child’s growth. Traveling in the car with the family isn’t just a matter of getting from A to B – it’s an opportunity to create happy memories and share extra special moments on-the-go. If the time and effort it took to strap a wriggling baby into their car seat didn’t spark joy for you, clicking them safely into their booster seat definitely will! Whether it’s a school drop off or pickup, a quick run to the shops or a day trip with the family, using a booster seat can reduce the time it takes to strap a child into the car. That’s a win/win for both kids and parents! That said, when we’re making the decision to move our little ones from a car seat to a booster seat, we need to make sure it’s the right time. It’s time to choose a forward-facing booster seat when a child is aged between 4-7 years of age. Are they all the same? So, let’s break down the features and benefits of booster seats to help ensure you choose the right one.

Booster Seats

First up, why are booster seats different to car seats?

When a child is approximately four years old, and their shoulders are above the lower shoulder height marker on the seat, it’s time to pick a booster seat for them. If they’re not quite there, keep them in a seat with an inbuilt harness until they are. When your child’s shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker, at approximately 8 years of age, it’s time for them to come out of the booster car seat. Safety and comfort are still as vitally important as it was when you purchased your baby’s first car seat. Each child is different, and one booster seat might not fit the bill for all.

Which booster seat is right for you?

When you’re researching for the right booster seat to buy, consider these questions:

  • Is your child the right height and size?
  • Will it fit into your vehicle?
  • Is your child comfortable it the seat?
  • Will they be safe and secure when in the seat?
  • How will it be installed into your vehicle?

We understand just how busy and active a parent’s life can be and you’re looking for products that make it as easy and stress-free. You want to give your little one the very best start in life and we’re always looking for new ways to make your car journeys smooth. If you value top of the range design features and the latest technology, our seats are your number one choice. They have world leading safety technology Air Protect™ coupled with GCELL body protection work as a barrier to protect your most precious cargo. Air Protect™ Superior Side Impact Technology reduces head impact by over 50%, you can be sure your child travels in the safest and most comfortable car seat on the market today.

Booster Seats

Our booster seats are also intelligent, with expandable side wings and customized harness and comfort features such as our world first “Cool Baby “Wicking fabric. This clever tech actively draws moisture away from their skin, keeping then cool, dry and comfortable all year round.

Rodi Booster Seat

The RodiFix AP features never seen before advancements in booster seat technology, with a two position recline and expandable side wings, so comfort is taken care of for kids of all sizes.

With an easy belt path, you can quickly buckle up your child for each and every ride – making car journeys a breeze!

The headrest can be adjusted to six positions, while an innovative Anti-Vibration dampener ensures that the seat stays still while not in use.

Titan Pro

If you’re already the proud owner of the Titan Pro, you’ve chosen a seat that goes the distance. This convertible booster seat is suitable for children aged 9 months to 12 years old.

When it’s time to convert the Titan Pro into a booster seat, and your child has reached the middle height marker, you can secure them in place with a lap sash seat belt.

This is a great investment piece that will grow with your child and take away the need to buy multiple seats as they grow. Great for the budget and a big tick in your mission to get the ultimate value in every purchase you make for your family.

Kore Pro i-Size

Our Kore Pro iSize for children from 3.5 years to 12 years of age, featuring a Headrest with built-in Side Protection System Plus, ensuring that your child's safety does not get compromised with all the comfort that's been added to this seat.

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