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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Qichen Apartments In ChongQing For China Construction

China Construction Qichen has formed an exciting partnership with SOGAL Suofeiya to produce a high-end furniture and home products series. This collaboration is committed to a long-term belief in quality, focusing on over 100 exquisite decorative details. Together, they are creating diversified home life scenes, redefining luxury living, and establishing a comfortable lifestyle model for villas and apartments.

The Project

The Qichen project marks a significant milestone for Xiyong City, representing a quantum leap forward in urban living. China Construction Group ranked 9th in the Fortune Global 500 earned the prestigious "Guangsha Award" and is recognized among China's top 100 real estate developers.

Architectural Vision

This project offers 83-99m² finely decorated houses and stacked units, characterized by ultra-modern facades, flowing glass interfaces, and innovative fluid architecture. Set in Chongqing Western Science City, it spans approximately 98,000 square meters with a construction area of about 150,000 square meters. The site is conveniently located near Sunac Mall, Longhu High-tech Tianjie, and the planned Metro Lines 1 and 7. The area benefits from double green business districts like Science City Park and Wuyun Lake Park, providing ample natural spaces.

Design and Layout

Qichen features 15 buildings, each with seven or eight stories, designed exclusively as residential spaces without commercial facilities. The facade adopts a distinctive three-section flying wing fluid design, emphasizing high-end quality. With an overall volume ratio of about 1.5, the project currently offers homes with a construction area ranging from 82-99㎡, all delivered with fine decoration.

Highlights of the Collaboration

Materials and Design: The use of selected genuine leather, rock board, solid wood, and technical veneer underscores the elite quality pursuit. The design aesthetic is modern and light luxury, providing a one-stop solution for all luxury living needs.

Featured Products

Leather Inline Sofa: Crafted from dark green or dark khaki ecological leather, this sofa features velvet cotton and high-resilience sponge, ensuring excellent shock resistance and resilience. It includes an independent multi-functional footrest for flexible arrangement.

Slate Paint-Free Coffee Table: This coffee table combines black oak or walnut with a rock slab top, offering a simple yet stylish look. The anti-knock arc design adds a considerate safety feature.

Solid Wood TV Cabinet: Available in black oak or walnut, this TV cabinet is both calm and natural, with clean lines that exude high-end quality.

Leather Armchair: Made from dark green or dark khaki ecological leather, the armchair contains velvet cotton and high-rebound sponge. Its design focuses on shock resistance, resilience, and comfort, thanks to a humanized waist protection feature.

Entrance Cabinet: Constructed from PVC material, this cabinet features a flat handleless design for simplicity. A waist-height light strip enhances functionality and ease of use.


Rock Slab Rounded Corner Dining Table: The Armani limestone table is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, boasting high hardness, strong stain resistance, natural antibacterial properties, and suitability for direct food contact.

Saddle Leather Dining Chair: This chair combines exquisite saddle leather with a high-density sponge for resilience and a carbon steel frame for stability.

Cupboard: Featuring a refreshing white and khaki combination, the cupboard’s PVC construction and hidden handle design prioritize safety and simplicity.

Leather Solid Wood Bed: This bed is crafted from delicate ecological leather, with a bright, elegant finish. It includes a high-resilience sponge and a solid wood silent slatted frame, providing a firm, safe, and peaceful sleep environment.

Leather Nightstand: Light and exquisite, this leather nightstand is designed to be flush with the bed for easy access.

One Door to the Ceiling Wardrobe: This wardrobe combines high-tech silver pear wood with crescent white, creating a calm yet fresh aesthetic. Standing at 2.7 meters high, its door-to-top design exudes luxury, while metal handle embellishments add a touch of elegance.

Bathroom Cabinet: Made from PVC, the bathroom cabinet includes a frameless mirror and storage behind the cabinet, maximizing bathroom storage and achieving dry and wet separation.


Qichen, is China Construction's commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and a deep understanding of human habitation aesthetics. It joined forces with SOGAL Suofeiya to craft each product meticulously. This integrated high-end design approach, aligned with fine decorative styles, is setting a new standard in this era.