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TV Feature Wall vs TV Wall Units with an Array of Storage Cabinets and Shelves

In modern interior design, the arrangement and display of our beloved TVs have become crucial elements in enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of living spaces. Two popular options that often vie for attention are the TV feature wall and TV wall units with an array of storage cabinets and shelves. Let's delve into the unique characteristics and benefits of each, helping you make an informed decision for your home.

#1. TV Feature Wall

A TV feature wall is a standalone wall in the living room or entertainment area that is solely dedicated to showcasing the television as the central focal point. It is a visually striking and minimalist approach, designed to draw attention to the TV without excessive distractions. The following are its key advantages:

  • Simplicity and Elegance: The TV feature wall's minimalist design creates an uncluttered and sophisticated look, adding a touch of modernity to any space.
  • Enhanced Visual Impact: With no competing elements, the TV becomes the star of the show, offering an immersive viewing experience for you and your guests.
  • Versatility: TV feature walls can be customized with different materials like wood, stone, or textured wallpaper, allowing you to adapt the design to match your overall interior theme.
  • Space Optimization: This design is ideal for smaller rooms, as it maximizes floor space while providing a striking visual element.

However, it's important to note that the TV feature wall often lacks additional storage, which could be a concern for those looking to keep their entertainment area organized.

#2. TV Wall Units with Storage Cabinets and Shelves

TV wall units with an array of storage cabinets and shelves offer a practical and multifunctional solution to house not only your TV but also various entertainment and decorative items. These units come in various designs, and here are the benefits they bring:

  • Abundant Storage: With multiple shelves and cabinets, you have ample space to store DVDs, gaming consoles, books, decor items, and more, keeping your living area tidy and organized.
  • Stylish and Customizable: TV wall units can be found in diverse styles, from contemporary to traditional, ensuring you find one that complements your decor preferences. Additionally, you can choose finishes and materials that match your existing furniture.
  • Display Opportunities: The extra shelves offer an opportunity to display personal mementos, art pieces, or a collection of your favorite items, adding a personalized touch to the room.
  • Concealing Wires: The storage units often come with provisions to manage cables and wires, providing a clean and seamless look to your entertainment area.

Despite their many advantages, TV wall units with storage cabinets might occupy more space and could overpower smaller rooms. Careful planning is necessary to strike the right balance between functionality and room aesthetics.


Both TV feature walls and TV wall units with storage cabinets and shelves have their unique charm and benefits. The decision ultimately comes down to your specific requirements, available space, and personal style preferences. If you seek a sleek and captivating display, the TV feature wall is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you value organization and functionality, the TV wall units with ample storage are the way to go. Whatever you decide, these design options will undoubtedly elevate your entertainment area to new heights of style and efficiency.

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