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Dining Benches Have a Spot in the Dining Room

We really like pairing benches with dining tables - there’s just something immensely appealing about the customized look of it. It helps to create a fun, informal atmosphere with communal eating (definitely not your school canteen though). Bonus: you can squeeze in more diners around the table on the sturdy bench with thick legs. You never have to worry when it’s your turn to host a dinner.

Featured: TOMOKO Solid Wood Bench

Wooden dining sets can look rustic (and rugged), especially with the natural beautiful wood grain and finger joints of our solid wood Americanacollection. Our TOMOKO bench comes with a backrest, which further enhances its looks and functionality.

Its generous girth coupled with the mild inward slant of the satin-smooth slabs that make up the seat ensure that you can linger over meals in comfort. Thoughtfully chamfered edges add both a unique finishing touch (note the distinctive 'diamond cut' detailing) to our attractive solid wood Americana collection as well as make certain that you will never run across an unpleasant sharp edge.

Our Americana dining chairs also come with stretcher beams to further reinforce their structural rigidity. They look fantastic mixed in and matched with the Americana dining table and bench for a dining set with personality and organic feel. And don’t forget the ever versatile Americana square stool.

Featured: YURI 1.4m Solid Wood Dining Table + 4 Dining Chairs

Meals are made even more pleasurable for dining off wood. Wood is the real deal- it has an authentic dynamic warmth and aesthetic that are unrivalled. Clark Kent himself probably grew up eating off this table in this set-up on the farm.