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European Dark Oak: Officially One Of The Strongest Woods In The World

European Dark Oak wood can be an elusive and intimidating material to work with, especially when the trends lean towards a brighter and lighter home. It can actually create a complex and rich interior when paired well with muted tones, industrial or leather furniture and mood lighting. For a tall, dark and handsome house, the NORYA D6 European Dark Oak collection of customized furniture and cabinetry would be the perfect fit.

Dark toned wood makes a bold, daring statement in every room. It is ideal for living and dining spaces, although it can be used effectively in the kitchen and bathroom too. Utilizing dark wood in the bedroom can be a good idea to add a sensual touch. 

Browse the NORYA D6 European Dark Oak gallery for some inspiration!

One thing to be very aware of when using European Dark Wood in your interior design or renovation projects is that even natural and lighter shades of wood tend to absorb light and require additional, well-placed lighting. This is especially the case for using dark wood. If you’re using dark wood for your walls, floor or even ceiling then you want to be very particular about where you place your lighting. Tracked lighting may be prudent, and a few well-placed lamps won’t go astray. 

Matching European Dark Oak for the Kitchen and Dining Spaces 

Open plan kitchens, dining and living spaces are gaining popularity and currency among Singaporean families, and designers are coming up with interesting, innovative and inspiring ideas to keep up.

Dark shelving, cabinetry and dining tables give visual focal points, especially when contrasted with bright white walls, drawers, linen and small accessories and tables.

Modular cabinetry that matches with the shade of your furniture is extremely crucial for a luxurious feel. Partition cabinets are the best so that you'd have the choice to display or keep behind closed doors. Either way, your accessories would look great because of the proprietary 7-D fully finished design.