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American Black Walnut: Preferred Choice For Furniture Makers & Gun Manufacturers

Native to the eastern regions of North America, American Black Walnut is a medium to large hardwood that is commonly used for furniture making. In recent years, the American Black Walnut has become a very popular choice of wood for dining furniture.

The gorgeous dark brown colour and unique grains of the wood would definitely be a perfect addition to your home. Read on to find out why the NORYA American Black Walnut collection is definitely the best wood for dining tables!

Beautiful Natural Finish

One of the greatest joys we have working with American Black Walnut is knowing every knot, crack, grain and hue is a beautiful creation of nature. Black Walnut has straight fine grains, often with attractive swirls and wave patterning that come in the form of wood knots, burls and curls.

It is definitely the statement pieces in your home and will be the talking point of your guests. Each and every piece is unique and no two are the same.

Matching Furniture

Your dining room is not complete without matching solid American Black Walnut chairs, a sideboard for dishes, shelves for pots and pans, or hanging cabinets for extra storage. Get all the furniture that matches well with your dining table for a finished and polished look!

Modular Designs

For smaller homes, space can be a real challenge. The best thing about the NORYA collection is its modularity and smart designs - from pedestal tables that can seat more guests to lap tables with accessible storage - all of them will come together nicely for a beautiful and functional home. With their proprietary 7-D finish, your home will look good from any angle.

Easy Maintenance

A little care for your furniture goes a long way in keeping your furniture looking great. Picket&Rail NORYA Walnut and Oak tables are finished with German oil and waxes. This makes the tables more resistant to moisture, spills, and moderate heat than traditional varnishes, ensuring easy maintenance on your end.