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The Ultimate Hygge Lifestyle Dining

Originating in Denmark during the 50s (the European version of the mid-century modern era), and extending to the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden, hygge also incorporates ideas from Finland and Iceland. All are small countries where efficiency is prized, the temperatures are cold, and warmth is celebrated.

Read more to learn how the premium NORYA D8 German Light Oak range of customized furniture and cabinetry can help you achieve the best Scandinavian look!

German White Oak 

Scandinavian countries are small, and they are cold, so it makes sense that interior designs in that region originated accordingly. A collection inspired by hygge may be white-on-white or wood-and-white, or built around a muted blue or warm beige color scheme. For more inspiration, check out the NORYA D8 gallery for some ideas!

Functional Design

When a living space is on the smaller or moderate side, easy and efficient layouts and furniture lines keep the space looking neat and organized. In the kitchen, a thoughtfully-designed table can open up space for more seats comfortably that comes with accessible storage. Multifunctional pieces are key to a less cluttered home.

Imagine having a family hotpot without having to leave your seat when everything is within an arm's reach!

Efficient & Modular Storage

If you haven't gotten it yet, you'll be prioritizing form around function to achieve that functionality element. This means using plenty of straight, clean lines in counters and cabinet spaces, just like the NORYA modular cabinets. Striking a balance between design and functionality, this range and fulfil your home's full potential so that no space goes to waste!