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How to Style a Luxurious Home

The key to create a lasting, positive first impression on your guests with your house is to dress up your living room. By putting in effort to design a stylish, luxurious space, you’re bound to amaze anyone who steps foot into your abode. If you’re inspired by the hotels and resorts you’ve patronized while globe-trotting, this article is for you.

The living room, where life happens (true to its namesake), is the focal point of your home: where you entertain friends, host grand gatherings, spend precious family time and unwind. Designing a plush-looking space can be done without breaking your bank with these tips and tricks from our in-house designers. Time to take your interiors up a notch!


Create a layered lighting concept

Photo from Noon Home

Lighting essentially makes or breaks a space, even though it’s often an overlooked aspect of design by ordinary eyes. A variety of light sources adds depth to the room, from hanging chandeliers to lamp shades and studio lighting for your treasured masterpieces hung on the wall. You could hanga dramatic chandelier to add a touch of flair for ambient lighting, or go old-school romantic by placing candles in apretty, contemporary quartz stone tealight holder. 

Ambient light determines the mood of the room for different occasions. Adding dimmer switches instead of the standard on/off switches allows for the intensity of light to be easily changed from bright, generous lumination for social gatherings to low, subtle light for lounging and romantic date nights. 


Invest in textiles

Photo fromBoca do Lobo

In interior design, the term “textile” refers to any product that’s woven or made of fabric, such as throw pillows, blankets, area rugs, upholstery, and window treatments. It may sound simple, but these pieces are used in a variety of applications throughout any room. 

A layered, thoughtful mix of materials and textures will give your space a custom-designed, luxurious look. The classic blend of metals, glass, wood, textiles, and leather items create a dynamic and inviting space. A patterned rug that goes with the colour palette of your home is a simple way to instantly create visual intrigue. It helps ground furniture groupings, define rooms, and add more interest to an area.

There can be too many pillows, so err on the side of moderation. If you’ve got older pillow covers, replacing them with crisp new ones will just do the trick.


Full length window treatments

Photo from HGTV

A good window treatment can add instant luxe factor to a room. There’s one cardinal rule to follow: never buy draperies that are too short because they’ll end up ill-fitting for your home, looking cheap and store-bought.

High ceilings are a keynote of expensive interiors. If you can’t raise your roof, consider raising your window treatments to create an illusion of height and give it a grander feel. If you’re considering blinds, spending on amade-to-measure style is much more elegant because any badly fitting blind within the recess looks cheap and messy if not sized correctly to the window. 


Invest in large scale art

Photo from Melanie Morris Interiors

An oversized, attention-grabbing masterpiece can both spark conversation and imbue your living space with a strong presence. Hiking up the size of your decor, such as a massive canvas or a large, thick-framed mirror creates a big impression, even if the items aren’t too pricey, to create a vibe that is impactful, memorable, and grand. 

Resist the urge to shop for typical, anonymous, technical hotel art — experts all agree that the best art has personal significance. We’d recommend scouting online resources to explore various art styles and artists, then head to a physical store to study the large and small details. A calming and soothing calligraphy foggy waterscape piece is a quintessential item in most Singaporean homes, but to stand out from the crowd, licensed prints from established artists will always be a great choice.


Use metallics

Photo from House Beautiful

A metallic desk clock, pedestal table, or decorative accent can instantly add wattage to a room and up your fancy quotient. Better yet, pairing metals with rustic or neutral decor can bring the ante up on mundane furniture and balance everything out. Afancy, upscale metal mirror wall accent can be the perfect addition, or show off a few displays with an old hollywood glammarble and brass side table.

Consider metallic decor the way you select jewelry, because in most cases less is more. Our rule of thumb is that subtle touches make a classy statement. If you combine sequined pillows with glittery lamps and glitzy wallpaper, it will get too crowded and loud. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

However, don’t be afraid to mix metals! It’s a good change from the monotonous range. The coolness of silver and the warmth of brass create a balance that adds texture, glamour, and dimension.


Add a sculptural item

a modern gold aluminum home decor sculpture displayed in a living roomtwo silver feather outline sculptures are featured on a shelf alongside other trinkets
Photo fromAB Home

Avoid a sea of straight lines and circular forms in any room by introducing an element with a fascinating twist or unique silhouette. Replace boring, popular choices of furniture with acolourful ceramic garden stool, or add a piquant sculpture that is sure to be a conversational piece and revitalize the space with an unexpected and wholly artistic component on a budget. Alternatively, you can give your space a sense of wisdom by incorporating a piece with patina and age. Anything from adistressed wooden side table toa rustic glass mirror tray or lucky accessory finds will do the trick.

You’ll be spoiled for choices no matter if you’re shopping online, retail or at thrift stores. Our tip is to take a picture of an area that you’re planning to decorate (with measurements as well) and imagine the potential purchase sitting in their new home!


Go custom

Photo from The Design Co.

Custom furniture is the cornerstone of luxury interior design. Made to fit into every nook and cranny, any space turns into a sanctuary of your design. Turning an empty space under the staircase into a bar or building tailored floating shelves to fit your theme for displays will ensure that all the pieces fit and play well together like a jigsaw puzzle. Any odd space in our eyes is an opportunity to reinvent and fulfill its true potential to cater to your lifestyle.

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